Renewing the Christian Mind: Essays, Interviews, and Talks, by Dallas Willard, edited by Gary Black, Jr.

I gave this book three stars on Goodreads

It might seem strange that I would only give a Dallas Willard book three stars, as much as I love his work. However, this book is a compilation of, as it says, essays, interviews, and talks that were found as Gary Black and Dallas “rummaged through several boxes of other writings–as well as audiocassette tapes of sermons, lectures, and speaking engagements.” The variety of topics in this anthology is almost stunning.

The book begins with what most know Dallas for, spiritual transformation. As I began reading this work, I literally read the first essay four times before moving on. Not because I couldn’t understand it, but because it was so good!

The book moves on to interviews on various topics, articles on discipleship, writings on theology, and finally, on leadership.

Now for the reason I only rated it three stars. There were parts of this book that I loved, that I will, no doubt go back and read again. However, there were a number of articles, essays, speeches, and so on, that were much more philosophical than I care to get into. After all, Willard was a professor of philosophy at the University of Southern Cal. And, while those writings were quality writings, many of them just simply went over my head. I am not trained in philosophy. I think that I could, eventually, understand them, but that’s not the direction I am currently moving. I am more interested in discipleship and, especially, spiritual transformation.

I will, at some point, revisit some of those writings that deal with those two topics. And that’s one of the great things about this book. There are forty-one different writings, and most of them are short enough to be read in just a few minutes.

For anyone interested in spiritual formation and discipleship, I would recommend getting hold of this anthology. Some of the other works might surprise you, as well.

TTFN, y’all!


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