Alan Parsons Live Project


Last night, C and I had the privilege of seeing the Alan Parsons Live Project at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas. We had been anticipating this show for several months, but as the day drew closer, we began to dread the trip to get there, especially on a Friday night after work.

We knew we were going to be cutting it close, as I get off work at 4:30, and am at least thirty miles from home. Homebound traffic is always worse than work-bound traffic. I’ve never figured that out. I also had to get some go-juice in the car before we could drive back to Dallas. I got home at about 6:10, and C had just arrived ahead of me, with food for S and drinks for us all.

I quickly changed clothes, and we headed out, aiming for a parking garage about two blocks from the theater. Traffic was horrible in some places, as is to be expected on a Friday night in Dallas. The Majestic is on Elm Street, in downtown. We got to the street where the parking garage was supposed to be, at about 7:20. The show was to start at 7:30. We could not locate the garage, so we got on Elm Street and started looking for parking. We stumbled on a public parking garage (after turning down the wrong ramp and winding up in a hotel garage), and got parked. As we exited the parking garage on foot, it was right at 7:30. After a little confusion as to which direction the theater was, we finally got in the doors at about 7:40. An usher led us to our seats, as the band played, which were on row H, eight rows from the stage, two seats off the aisle. Fantastic seats!

We were treated to a pretty amazing set by Alan Parsons and company. They played until a bit after 9:00, almost two hours. There was no warm-up group. They played most of the songs that we were familiar with and a few that we didn’t know so well, but all were great songs. But the best thing about the show was the immense level of talent on that stage. Every musician was proficient, and they played very well together. The band was made up of the following:

P.J. Olsson, lead vocals, BGVs, and occasional tambourine
Alistaire Green, lead guitar, lead vocals and BGVs
Danny Thompson, drums
Guy Erez, bass guitar
Todd Cooper, saxophone, lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and BGVs
Tom Brooks, keyboards
Dan Tracey, guitar, lead vocals, and BGVs
Alan Parsons, acoustic guitar, keyboards, lead vocals, and BGVs

They performed, as best as my memory will allow, the following songs, not necessarily in this order (remembering that we pretty much missed the first two songs, and I can’t remember what was playing when we arrived). Oh, wait! I just found a set list for last night’s show, and it appears to be accurate! So here we go:

1. I Robot
2. Damned If I Do
3. Don’t Answer Me
4. Time
5. Psychobabble
6. I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You
7. Old and Wise
8. The Turn of A Friendly Card (Part One)
9. Snake Eyes
10. The Ace of Swords
11. Nothing Left to Lose
12. The Turn of A Friendly Card (Part Two)
13. Breakdown/The Raven
14. Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
15. Luciferama
16. Limelight
17. Don’t Let It Show
18. Prime Time
19. Sirius
20. Eye in the Sky
21. (The System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether
22. Games People Play

P.J. Olsson, Todd Cooper, Alistair Greene, Alan Parsons, and Dan Stacey all took turns on lead vocals, and they all sang harmony on other songs, as well. They are all phenomenal musicians, and played very well together. It was an awesome show that brought me close to tears multiple times, especially when they played what is probably my favorite Parsons Project song, “Old and Wise.”

Alan and the band seemed to be genuinely appreciative of the thunderous applause they received, staying on stage for at least a full minute after the performance. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good pictures (I only had my phone), and I am unable to post my own videos on this blog (I don’t pay WordPress for this site). I did find several You Tube videos from various shows. I’ll share this one, recorded in October, in Argentina. This is Sirius, segueing into Eye in the Sky, sung by Alan.

Over all, it was a tremendous show, and well worth the stress and anxiety of driving in Dallas at night. At one point, on the way home, C said, “I’m getting to old to drive in Dallas.” I said, “I’ve been too old to drive in Dallas for fifty years.”

TTFN, y’all!


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