Eighth Grave After Dark, by Darynda Jones


In case you don’t notice it in the title, this is the eighth installment of the adventures of Charley Davis and company. Charley is a Private Investigator, who works along with her best friend, Cookie, and Cookie’s daughter, Amber.

Oh. And she is a god; a portal of “crossing over” for people who have died.

And she’s married to the son of Lucifer, who escaped from Hell and inhabited a human body. You know . . . normal stuff. His name is Reyes, short for Ray’aziel.

In Eighth Grave, Charley and company, which also includes another “hellish” creature, a soul eater named Osh (short for Osh’ekeiel), and Garrett Swopes, a detective in the police force, are all sequestered in an old convent, because hell hounds are after Charley’s unborn baby, called “Beep,” for the time being. At least that’s what they think. Since the convent is sacred ground, the hell hounds can only come up to a certain perimeter of the property. Also helping out are Charley’s uncle Bob (also called “Ubie”) and a teenage boy named Quentin, who seems to have become Amber’s boyfriend,

While they try to figure out how to get rid of/kill the hell hounds, a couple of other cases arise. One is the mysterious ghost of a nun that keeps trying to get Charley to follow her out into the woods around the convent. Another is a case of a missing girl that is an actual PI case for Charley and Cookie.

In the meantime, Cooking and Ubie are getting married. In the convent. So that Charley can be part of the wedding.

And, I almost forgot, they are still trying to solve the mystery of who killed Charley’s dad.

So there’s a lot of stuff going on in this book, and, as usual, Ms. Jones does an awesome job of keeping it interesting. I like her writing style, and I love, love, love her sense of humor. I can’t count the number of times I’ll just be reading along, and all of a sudden, I’m giggling because of a one-liner that pops up.

The ending, however, is anything but funny. First it’s gut-wrenching, and then it’s serious. Very, very serious.

I’ve already got The Dirt on Ninth Grave, so I will probably read it next.

TTFN, y’all!


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