Midnight Crossroad, by Charlaine Harris


This is the first “non-Sookie” book of Charlaine’s that I have read, and I loved it! In Midnight Crossroad, we are introduced to a tiny town in Texas, called Midnight. They have a convenience store, a small chapel with a pet cemetery behind it, a nail salon, a pawn shop, and a magic shop. Oh, and a diner. Each of those places is run by someone significant to this story.

As the book begins, a newcomer is moving into a house owned by the pawn shop owner, Bobo. His name is Manfred, and he is an “Internet psychic.” He has some true talent, but rarely uses it in his business. Fiji, a real “witch,” runs the magic shop. “The Rev” is in charge of the chapel and pet cemetery, while a gay couple named Joe and Chuy run the nail salon. The convenience store is run by the Lovells, Shawn, the father, along with Conner, the son, and Creek, the daughter. Madonna runs the diner, with some help from her significant other, who is called Teacher. Also in the town are Lemuel (apparently Creek’s and Conner’s uncle), and Olivia, a strange woman about whom no one seems to know much.

For the most part, no one knows a whole lot about people who live in Midnight, and that’s the way they like it. There’s a reason most people live there, and they keep it to themselves. Manfred seems to fit right in, because by the end of the book, Fiji remarks that she had forgotten that he hadn’t lived there very long. That was a compliment.

The story line is two fold. Part of it revolves around a white supremacy group who believes that Bobo is hiding an arms stash that he inherited from his grandfather. The other part revolves around a mysterious girlfriend of Bobo’s, named Aubrey, who disappeared a while ago, before Manfred came to town.

Ms. Harris has done, in my opinion, a great job of creating an environment with a gripping set of residents, along with a plot that held my interest quite solidly, throughout. There is a totally unexpected plot twist at the end that almost left my head spinning. Two, in fact.

Oh, I almost forgot about Fiji’s cat, Mr. Snuggly. He has a rather interesting talent that we don’t discover until about two-thirds through the book.

I can’t wait to read the next book, Day Shift.

TTFN, y’all!


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