Experiment of Dreams, by Brandon Zenner

Experiment of Dreams

Experiment of Dreams was a fun read. Ben Walker is involved in an experiment in which his dreams are recorded every night. But he has a unique talent. He is a lucid dreamer, meaning that he is aware when he is dreaming and can control what he dreams, to some degree.

After going through some testing with a legitimate doctor, he is approached by some men who represent a wealthy man who wants to hire Ben to have his dreams recorded by an invention known as Lucy. They take Ben to various places in the world and have him spend hours studying masterpieces of art, after which they record his dreams. Eventually, he finds out that they are reproducing the art from his dreams, perfect reproductions, down to the brush strokes.

To aid the experimentation, the doctors that work for Kalispell, the wealthy man, have invented a serum, which is injected into Ben’s bloodstream on a regular basis. We learn, at one point that Ben is not the first to be exposed to this serum. There was another, and it didn’t end well.

In the middle of all of this, Ben, whose wife died tragically a few years prior, meets a beautiful woman at an airport and falls in love with her. But as the story progresses, there are doubts as to whether she truly exists or not. Is Ben dreaming her? Is he going crazy because of the effects of the serum?

There are plenty of unexpected twists in this thriller by Brandon Zenner, one of which I totally did not see coming.

TTFN, y’all!


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