Wilton’s Gold – Book One: Fortune by Craig W. Turner

Wilton's Gold

This was a really fun book about time travel. And since there are so many uncertainties (and debates) about time travel and its potential effects on history/people, you can pretty much write anything you want about it and be okay.

Turner has crafted a delightful tale about a scientist who has inadvertently discovers time travel while working on another project. He, along with his best friend decide to use this new discovery to “get rich quick” by going back in time and stealing “Wilton’s Gold,” before the historical robbery could take place. They manage to pull it off, but in doing so, they change history. You see, in the historical robbery, several members of Wilton’s team were killed. In the time travelers’ robbery, no one is killed. Naturally, members of the team who survived, lived on to have families. One of those family members became a historian, who was, naturally, obsessed with the robbery and the subsequent hunt for the gold, which was never found.

That’s all I will reveal in this review. The story has plenty of twists and turns as the lead character plays with history, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by accident. The ending is quite chilling and somber, even sad, I suppose. But it doesn’t really end, as it paves the way for a second book in the series.

TTFN, y’all!


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