Living in Christ’s Presence: Final Words on Heaven and the Kingdom of God by Dallas Willard and John Ortberg

Living in Christ's Presence

If I could give ten stars to this book, I would. I have, in fact, begun listening to it a second time, because there is so much good information in it.

Dallas Willard was a giant in the realm of Spiritual Formation. In this “book,” which is really just a recording of some conference sessions in which he and John Ortberg spoke, Willard and Ortberg discuss aspects of discipleship and Spiritual Formation, sometimes simply known as “disciplines” of the Christian life. It is truly magnificent to hear Dallas speak in these sessions. At the end of each session, Dallas and John engage in some question and answer follow-up, sometimes the questions being offered by conference attendees.

One of the most eye-opening thoughts is his discussion on what comprises the Gospel that Jesus presented. Very simply put, it was, “The Kingdom of God is available to you.” That is the essence of the Gospel.

I strongly recommend this to anyone who is at all interested in studying Spiritual Formation and the impact that discipleship can have on the Church of today.

TTFN, y’all!


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