Green Light Bridge, by Larry Black

Green Light Bridge

First of all, I went to college with the author of this book. We both played in the ETSU band together. If memory serves me, which it frequently doesn’t, I believe Larry grew up in the town that he refers to as “Cowhill” in this book. So he probably knows it better than any of us.

That being said, I can’t say enough good things about the story in Green Light Bridge. It had me captivated from the first page. As far as I know, it is a unique plot line, that I’ve never seen in a book or story, before. An alien presence shows up and endows a bunch of people in “Cowhill” with special powers, most of them being Jr. High to High School aged kids.

The main characters . . . well, the “good” ones, are easy to fall in love with, especially Travis and Emily. For some reason, I gravitated toward them, the most.

The whole time I was in college, at ETSU in Commerce, TX, I heard the legend of Green Light Bridge. I never actually saw it (if, in fact, it truly exists), though. I wish I had. I think Larry tells this story very well. It has a lot of elements in it; supernatural, coming-of-age, romance, pretty steamy sex (NOT recommended for younger readers), horror, science fiction, and last, but not least, racial tension. Actually some very uncomfortable racial tension, which truly made me despise the main antagonist and his minions.

I won’t provide any spoilers. I try to avoid that in my reviews. Let’s just say I was very satisfied with the ending.

I’m also pretty sure that I saw at least one or two of my college classmates written into this book, as well as some characteristics of the band that we marched in. One of the best things was the memories that I have of my years in the ETSU band.

Well, done, Larry Black! And thank you for bringing back some great memories of one of the best times of my life.


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