Seventh Grave and No Body, by Darynda Jones

Seventh Grave

I usually don’t read two books in a row by the same author, but I had gotten behind on this series, so I went ahead and read six and seven, back to back. It’s really almost too much of a good thing, though. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed Seventh Grave quite a bit.

It may be my imagination, but the story seems to get a bit darker, here. Which is fine by me. I like dark. Charley Davidson is seriously learning what she can do with her powers, in this book. Reyes, her son-of-Satan “affianced” (I swear she uses that word on almost every page), helps and encourages her along the way. Charley, of course, besides being a private investigator, is also a grim reaper. But she is discovering that she is much more talented and powerful than your average grim reaper.

In Seventh Grave, she has to figure out who is kidnapping men, leaving fake suicide notes behind. This culminates when her Uncle Bob, aka “Ubie,” becomes one of the victims of the kidnapper. This, of course, severely affects Cookie, her assistant, who has only recently finally started dating Uncle Bob.

There is also the mystery of the empty graves, discovered as one of the ghosts of the empty graves finds Charley to tell her that her grave is empty.

And then Charley, Reyes, and Osh (the Dealer from book six) have to fight off The Twelve, hell hounds which have been summoned to kill Charley.

Oh, and she’s pregnant with Reyes’s baby. And there are prophecies. And she is currently calling the baby “Beep.”

I can’t wait to see book eight. Apparently, it’s already out, released in May of this year. It’s called Eighth Grave in the Dark.


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