Burn, by Julianna Baggott


While I enjoyed Burn, I have to say it wasn’t quite as captivating as the first two books of this trilogy. In all fairness, that may not be the author’s fault. First of all, I probably waited too long to read it, which means that I had forgotten a significant amount of details from the previous books. Second, there were some family health issues going on while I was trying to finish it, which were greatly distracting. (However, upon checking the reviews on Amazon, I’m not the only one who feels this way.) I just checked back to see my previous reviews, and I gave Pure four stars and Fuse five stars.

I will say that, by the end of it, I was pretty fully engaged. Burn picks up right where Fuse left off. Partridge is in The Dome, and, having just murdered his father, is now in charge of things. Or at least he thinks he is. Things are not always what they seem, though, are they? Pressia, El Capitan, Helmut, Bradwell, and the others are still in . . . is it Ireland? I think that’s right. Anyway, Pressia holds the key to curing all of the Wretches. But they also have something that will bring down The Dome, which is what Bradwell wants to do. The conflict within the group increases as the story unfolds.

The situation in The Dome deteriorates as Partridge tries to change things too quickly. He is forced into the arranged marriage with Iralene, even though Lyda is carrying his child. The resulting courtship and marriage calms things down somewhat, but Partridge is fairly miserable. Plus, he is being blackmailed by the head of his security division, who knows what he did.

Pressia and company make it back to The Dome, and, with the help of The Mothers, Pressia manages to infiltrate and find Partridge. One of the tasks she was given by The Mothers was to find Lyda and get her out.

The ending, which I will not spoil, was only partially satisfying for me. Partridge wound up making a different decision than the one I wanted him to make. But hey . . . it’s not my story, is it?

All in all, this has been an entertaining and unique story. I applaud Julianna Baggott for the originality of this trilogy and look forward to reading more of her work in the future. I am especially interested in one that she wrote “for younger readers,” called The Prince of Fenway Park. I must see if I can get hold of that one.

TTFN, y’all!


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