Love Does

Love Does

This was the third book I finished over our long weekend in Glen Rose. Oh, and I won this book in a contest a couple years ago, from Sarah Bessey, at

There’s nothing ordinary about Bog Goff’s world. That being said, he has done some pretty amazing things, if all of these tales are to be believed.

Bob is one of these people that was a born adventurer. For starters, he dropped out of high school to go rock climbing and work at Yosemite National Park. For some reason, a guy that he had met hanging around the high school went with him. They drove up to Yosemite, and camped out while Bob looked for a job. It turns out the jobs were very scarce. The climbed a little bit, then Bob decided that maybe he should go back to school and get a job. When he got Randy (the other guy) back to his house, he discovered that Randy had left his new wife at home to go with him, no doubt realizing that his plan would not be successful. Randy loved Bob enough to take a few days and make sure he got back safe.

And that’s what Love Does is all about. It’s about putting action to the love that we claim we have in Christ. If we truly love others, we will do. Love doesn’t just talk; love doesn’t just feel; love does.

We can’t all do the things Goff has done. He’s a lawyer, for starters, so he has money and can afford to fly his kids around the world to do weird things like interview world leaders. That chapter was pretty trippy. He can take people to Uganda to start a school for kids who got caught up in Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army. He can take Attorney General Ashcroft to Uganda to set children free from prisons because they never got a chance to stand trial for the “crimes” they committed.

We can’t all do things like that. But we can do things out of love, even if they are much smaller things. And those things can lead us to a “secretly incredible life” in our own “ordinary world.”

Each chapter in this book begins with a subtitle that says, “I used to think . . . but now I know . . . ” My Dad quoted one on Facebook while he was reading this book last week. It said, “I used to think I had to act a certain way to follow God, but now I know God doesn’t want us to be typical.” I like that one. I also like the one that says, “I used to think Jesus motivated us with ultimatums, but now I know He pursues us in love.”

Bob Goff did one more incredible thing. He put his phone number on the last page of the book, encourage people to call him if any of the ideas in the book “ping” with them. I haven’t called, yet, but I just might. Or maybe I just might go visit him in his “office.” He claims he can be found on Tom Sawyer’s Island at Disneyland.


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