The All Star Percussion Ensemble

Let me begin this by saying that I don’t know why I have this album. But I do, so I ripped it. It may have come with that collection from the aforementioned garage sale. Now, since we are talking about vinyl here, every time I rip an album, it is in “real time,” so I am also listening to it. Let’s just say that this one was very interesting! The album is “The All Star Percussion Ensemble Plays Music of Bizet, Beethoven, Pachelbel, and Berlioz.”

The All Star Percussion Ensemble
The All Star Percussion Ensemble

MMG Digital Records, D-MMG 115, released in 1983

This “All Star Percussion Ensemble” was made up of the following people (not being a percussionist, I can say that I have never heard of any of them):
Everett Firth of the Boston Symphony
Roland Kohloff of the New York Philharmonic
Mickey Bookspan of the Philadelphia Orchestra
Donald Miller of the Cleveland Orchestra
Walter Rosenberger of the New York Philharmonic
John Soroka of the Pittsburgh Symphony
Arnold Lang of the New York Philharmonic
Ben Lylloff of the Royal Danish Orchestra
Abraham Marcus of the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
Arthur Press of the Boston Symphony

The music was arranged and conducted by Harold Farberman, and the track list is as follows:

Side One
Bizet: Carmen Fantasy

Side Two
Beethoven: Scherzo from the Ninth Symphony
Pachelbel: Canon
Berlioz: March To the Scaffold from Symphonie Fantastique

Of course, I am familiar with all of these pieces of music, but can you imagine them being played by nothing but percussion? Very unique, indeed, and I believe that Harold Farberman did an excellent job of arranging and conducting.

Sadly, the only You Tube clip I could find was this partial clip of Side One, the Carmen Fantasy, by Bizet. I would have loved to have presented the Berlioz piece.

So there you have it. The All Star Percussion Ensemble

TTFN, y’all!


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