Cruse 2 by Cruse (The Cruse Family)

This past week found me ripping an old CCM album from my collection, one that had not been listened to, probably, since the late eighties. As I ripped it, I realized why I hadn’t listened to it since the late eighties. This week’s album was “Cruse 2,” by Cruse, released in 1984 on Nissi Records (EMR 4610).

Cruse 2
Cruse 2

Cruse was a modernized version of the old gospel Cruse Family, which had been singing and touring for many years. When the kids started getting older and CCM became popular in the eighties, the group underwent a change, and the kids got more of a leadership role. Very little information is available on the web about them. The only member of the family I could find anything about was Cindy, who actually started singing with the family when she was six years old! At the age of nine, she became the youngest licensed ASCAP songwriter. At one point (perhaps still, it is unclear) she was the worship leader at Lakewood Church in Houston, which is Joel Osteen’s church. That wins her no points with me. In fact, it loses points. But I digress.

“Cruse 2” is typical eighties CCM. The upbeat songs are heavily synthesizer driven, except for one on side two, “Roads,” that is kind of a “rocker.” The girls do most of the lead singing, with about one song on each side that has male vocals. The ballads are drippy and sappy. The message is very evangelistic with a heavy leaning toward pre-trib, premillennial theology, as seen in the first track on side two, “Rise and Fly.” The track listing is as follows:

Side One
1. Angel Song
2. A Sign of the Times
3. Dancin’ in the Light
4. Unfailing Love
5. Love of the Lord

Side Two
1. Rise and Fly
2. Roads
3. Under Wings of Love
4. Magnify the Lord

If there is a “best” song on the album, I would say it’s “Roads,” which, as I mentioned previously, is the one “rocker” on the album. It also ends with a really surreal synthed out section at the end, fading into the ballad, “Under Wings of Love,” which I vaguely remember might be a radio song from the album. I think “Dancin’ in the Light” may have also been a radio song, but I’m not sure.

Here’s a clip of the ballad, “Under Wings of Love.”

I’m not sure I get the pictures. One of them seems to be a bunch of English peas.

Here’s a clip of “Roads.”

I also found this video of “Rise and Fly.” The hair! Oh, man, the hair!! 😀

So very eighties.

While it seems that I’m rather harsh on this recording, I will confess that I really liked this stuff when it came out. I even went to see them one time in Dallas.

TTFN, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Cruse 2 by Cruse (The Cruse Family)

  1. Like I’ve been known to say, much of the CCM from the 80s wasn’t worth the plastic it was recorded on. Only as a 13-year-old could I appreciate it back then, LOL

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