Crowded House–Eponymous Album

Side note–this is already my fourth entry in this blog for the year. Feeling pretty good about that.

Over the past week, I ripped and processed Crowded House, the first and eponymous album by the group of the same name (Capitol Records, ST-12485), released in 1986.

Crowded House
Crowded House

Another album that I have not listened to in a while, this record is just plain fun. It’s a great representation of the best of the Eighties, and every song on the album is worth listening to. Crowded House was originally made up of Neil Finn (guitar, piano, lead vocals), Nicholas Seymour (bass guitar), and Paul Hester (drums, BGV). I didn’t realize it, but the band is currently active, and consists of Finn, Seymour, Mark Hart, and Matt Sherrod. Paul Hester left the group in 1994, and later committed suicide.

The track list is as follows:

Side One
1. World Where You Live
2. Now We’re Getting Somewhere
3. Don’t Dream It’s Over
4. Mean To Me
5. Love You ‘Til the Day I Die

Side Two
1. Something So Strong
2. Hole in the River
3. I Walk Away
4. Tombstone
5. That’s What I Call Love

I would venture to guess that the most popular song on the album was “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” which was covered by quite a few different acts, including Donny Osmond (yes, really), Faith No More, and Sixpence None the Richer (a very nice cover, that one).

Another song that was released as a single, and was almost as successful as “Don’t Dream,” was “Something So Strong.”

The opening track, “World Where You Live” reached number 65 on the US charts.

I also like the second track, “Now We’re Getting Somewhere.”

Oh, did I mention that the band was formed in Australia? Finn is from New Zealand, but the other two original members were Australians. Neil’s brother, Tim, joined the group later, before the two Americans who are currently with the band.

TTFN, y’all!


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