The Cowsills and Floyd Cramer

It’s been a long time since I worked on ripping vinyl records to digital. My work schedule changed a while back, so I haven’t had as much time in the mornings to mess with the task. But recently, I started working on it again on weekends. So I have a couple of new entries on my project.

The last album I had ripped before stopping for a while was The Best of The Cowsills, by, of course, The Cowsills. (MGM SE-4597)

Best of The Cowsills
Best of The Cowsills

Said by some to be the inspiration for The Partridge Family TV show, The Cowsills were a family of musicians, originally formed by four brothers who “wanted to be The Beatles. Bill played guitar, Bob also played guitar, as well as organ, Barry played bass, and John played drums. The mother, Barbara, joined the group to record The Rain, the Park, and Other Things, and then sister Susan and another brother Paul, joined the group. Susan was seven years old when she started singing with them.

The Cowsills were one of my favorite groups as a child. I loved the happy, bubble-gum sound that they produced, as well as the harmonies of the group singing together. The track list for the “Best of” album is as follows:

Side One
1. The Rain, the Park, and Other Things
2. Path of Love
3. In Need of A Friend
4. Mister Flynn
5. Captain Sad and His Ship of Fools
6. We Can Fly

Side Two

1. Indian Lake
2. Gray, Sunny Day
3. A Time for Remembrance
4. Gotta Get Away From It All
5. Newspaper Blanket
6. Poor Baby

The CD version of this album adds “Meet Me At the Wishing Well,” and the theme from the Broadway musical, “Hair.” I have a single (45rpm) of “Hair.”

My favorite songs on the album are “The Rain, the Park, and Other Things,” “Captain Sad,” “We Can Fly,” and “Indian Lake,” which was my all-time favorite Cowsills song.

Here’s a You Tube clip of “Indian Lake.” Yes, it’s very cheesy, but that’s how they dressed back then for these things. I get a kick out of Susan’s dancing. . . very energetic!

Here’s another clip of “The Rain, the Park, and Other Things.” Obvious lip-syncing, because only four of them appear in this vid, and there are no drums present. Oh, well.

This weekend, I have completed ripping “Hello Blues,” by Floyd Cramer. (RCA Victor LSP-2151)

Hello Blues
Hello Blues
This 1960 instrumental album features Floyd Cramer on piano, Hank Garland on guitar, Buddy Harman on drums, and bobby Moore on bass. It’s actually a pretty good album. The liner notes declare that it’s an “experimental” album. “They represent an attempt to take a form of sound and feeling that grew out of the South’s back country and play it with better musicians and better tunes.” The track list is as follows:

Side One
1. I’ll Never Be Free
2. The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues
3. Midnight
4. Have I Stayed Away Too Long?
5. Stormy Weather
6. Trouble in Mind

Side Two
1. Tricky
2. Blues Stay Away from Me
3. Re-enlistment Blues
4. The Lonesome Road
5. Yesterdays
6. Forever

I think my favorite song on the album is “The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues.” It’s a very nice blues tune, and features the nice guitar playing of Hank Garland. I also like “Stormy Weather,” which changes feel a couple of times during the song. It starts out as one of those slow, sultry, blues tunes. “Yesterdays” is also a very nice tune.

Sadly, I can’t find any acceptable You Tube clips of those songs. The only one of “Swingin’ Shepherd” I could find was some guy playing it on a Victrola, which, as you can imagine, doesn’t really sound very good. I’ll go ahead and post it here, so at least you can hear what the song sounds like.

That’s it for today. I believe I have another Floyd Cramer album waiting, his most famous, Last Date.

TTFN, y’all!


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