Denny Correll–How Will They Know

Along with my return to working through 1000 Recordings To Hear Before You Die, I’m also getting back to my vinyl ripping project. This particular album, I actually finished ripping several weeks ago, but am just now getting to blogging about it.

Denny Correll’s How Will They Know was released in 1980 on the Myrrh label, a division of Word Records. As you can see from the album cover, it really belongs more in the seventies than the eighties. In fact, there are still a few holdouts to the “disco” era in this collection of CCM songs. (That’s “Contemporary Christian Music,” in case you aren’t familiar with that abbreviation.)

The album begins with the rather low-key offering, “New Life In Me.” It’s a very slow song, about the journey to salvation. It’s a little high for his voice, too. It’s really not a good album opener. The second song on the album, “He Set Me Free,” is the only song that I can remember getting any radio play. In fact, it’s the only song by Denny Correll that I can ever remember hearing on the radio. Again, it’s a slow anthem. The third song, “Jesus That The Need,” finally brings an upbeat offering. It has a typical pop-rock beat from that era. The fourth song, “All To Him,” is another slow one, with a subject similar to the opening song. It’s a much better song than the opening track, as well. Finishing up side one is “How Will They Know,” (the title track) featuring a solid disco beat, along with a typical disco-style chord progression. One chord in the verse, and a descending chord progression in the chorus.

Side two opens with “More of You,” Another ballad. A little bit of “gospel” feel in this one, starting with just piano, and gradually adding other instruments. Second on side two is “Never Be the Same,” a medium to slow song (there seems to be an overabundance of that in this album), again with the subject of how empty and lonely life was before Christ. “Where Would I Be” comes third, bringing back the disco beat. Same subject matter. Fourth on side two is “Stumbling Blocks,” a medium speed jazzy song, that actually picks up the pace in the chorus, sounding more “disco-y.” Again…same subject…in fact, I’m not sure I understand the title. Closing the album is “He Loves You,” another ballad that sounds so much like all the other CCM ballads of that era that it makes me think I’ve heard it before. Well, obviously I’ve heard it before, because I’ve had this album for 32 years. But it’s been about 30 since I’ve listened to it.

Honestly, this album is pretty disappointing. I may have liked it in 1980, but hopefully not a lot. That was a long time ago, so I don’t remember much. I do know that I was more fond of CCM back then than I am now. But there are too many ballads on this album for my taste, and too much disco. And topically, it’s boring. Too many of the songs seem to be saying the same thing. The last song on the album may be, by far, the best offering it has.

I can’t find many clips on you tube from this album. Here’s one of “All To Him.”

In fact, that’s the only one I can find from this album. That’s disappointing. I would have at least liked to have shared the title song or the one radio song. Ah, well.

TTFN, y’all


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