Cancun–Day Five

Sunday morning, we slept until close to 8am, after which I got up and did my morning devotional, followed by my synopsis of day four, posted on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit. Hold on…we went to breakfast first. Then, we came back to the room and I did my devotional and synopsis.

I may get things out of order on this day. I honestly can’t remember what order we did things. This has been the best vacation EVER! At some point, after I posted things, Christi and I went down to the pool. After we had been there for a while, we decided to go down to the beach and see if we could find a place to sit. It was probably close to noon by this time, and there was a cloud cover, and a cool breeze glowing. This was almost the total opposite of the day before, which had been still and pretty warm. We managed to find a nice spot under a tiki hut cover, where we sat/laid down to read for a while and enjoy the view of the ocean. Still…the most beautiful, blue ocean water I have ever seen in my life.

After reading for a while, I decided to get up and go down closer to the beach to take a picture of the ocean with my iPhone. On the way down, I noticed a girl sunbathing, and noticed that her top was untied. She was face down. I took a couple of pictures of the ocean and turned around. The girl had turned over.

With no top.

My immediate reaction was to say, “Oh, my God!” I refrained from taking a picture for multiple reasons. One, Christi might beat me up (not to mention I might get stranded in Cancun…hey, wait a minute). Two, the girl’s boyfriend/husband might beat me up. Three, the girl might beat me up. I went back to where Christi was laying and said, “There’s a girl down there sunbathing with no top.” “No way!” “Yes way!” “Isn’t that illegal?” she said. Who knows? This is Cancun, after all. The swimming pool rules were rather clear about “No topless at the pool.” But I didn’t see any “beach rules,” other than the ones regarding the caution flags, which have either been red or yellow the whole time we’ve been here. It’s windy in Cancun. And, apparently, occasionally topless.

Around 2pm, we went back up to the room to get Stephanie for lunch. She came down to eat lunch with us, and decided to stay down at the pool with us!

You should probably read that last phrase again.


We all played in the pool for a little while, had a great time, and then went down to the beach, where, close to a yellow flag (and no topless sunbathers), we got in the ocean for a little while. There’s a small problem with the ocean here. Every so often, the floor drops pretty steeply. The undercurrent is fairly strong. Once you get used to it, it’s okay, but at the beginning, I almost panicked when I couldn’t get my footing to get back up an incline. That kind of scared Steph a little, so she ran back up out of the water and just watched Christi and me play in the ocean for a few minutes. We “body-surfed” a few good waves, then we all went back up to the pool, where Christi and Stephanie played for a while and I sat in a lounge chair and read for a while. It really started getting cool, too.

We weren’t able to get reservations for the steakhouse for Sunday night, as they were all booked up, so we ate at the dinner buffet, which was pretty good. Oh…I forgot. Lunch was at a different buffet, one that they have at the Mexican restaurant. It’s more casual, allowing swimsuits, and shorts. The food was much better than the other lunch buffet. The order of food quality, in my opinion, goes like this: 1. Steakhouse; 2. Breakfast buffet; 3. Lunch buffet at the Mexican restaurant; 4. Dinner buffet; 5. Dinner at the Mexican restaurant; 6. Japanese restaurant; 7. Lunch buffet. There is also a snack bar that has some snacks and cooks burgers. Remember our first meal? It wouldn’t be fair to rate it with these, but it might come in ahead of the lunch buffet.

After dinner, we were pretty tired. We played outside most of the day (Christi and Stephanie even played Bingo at the pool), so we laid down to read, and went to sleep fairly early.

I’ll include a few pictures from Sunday, but I didn’t take very many. A couple of ocean views, one from the balcony in the morning, and the two I took with my phone later, and then a picture of Stephanie and Christi at lunch.

Ocean from the balcony
Ocean from the balcony

Beach view
Beach view

Beach view
Beach view

Christi and Steph at lunch
Christi and Steph at lunch

I have something else to add, that happened on Saturday. I totally forgot this. Christi took part in one of the pool games while I was reading. They had gone around the pool with a golf club and some tennis balls, inviting people to play “Mexican golf.” I didn’t think I would be able to swing the club, due to my injury from Friday. Remember my injury from Friday? I pulled some muscles (or something) in my arm while going down the zipline into the cenote? In fact…here’s picture of that. I’ll also include one of Christi’s wrist where she hit the water on the cliff jump.


Smaller ouch.
Smaller ouch.

I said I was going to tell people that she slapped me on the arm. Oh, yeah…Mexican golf. Well, Christi decided to play. I didn’t know, or I would have been over there watching and taking pictures of that. And she won! She won a Star Friends tshirt, but it was only a medium size, so she gave it to someone else. We still have two of those that all of the contestants in the couples game Wednesday night got. Also medium. So, between the two of us, we won in two different activities during the week. As of Monday evening, someone has noticed and congratulated us every single day that we’ve been here. It’s kind of cool to be famous for a week, even if the reason is slightly embarrassing.

TTFN, y’all!


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