Cancun–Day Four

Somehow I managed to wake up an hour before everyone else on Saturday morning. So I got me a “Coca Cola Light” and went out on the balcony to read and watch the sun rise. After a while, Christi and Stephanie woke up, so we went down and got breakfast at the buffet.

After that, Stephanie stayed down in the lobby to play on her phone, look at Facebook, and so forth, while Christi and I found a spot by the pool. I went to the Spa to set up her free massage that she got for our participation and victory in Wednesday night’s contest. We both got in the pool before doing anything else. The weather on Saturday was pretty warm, and with not much wind at all, which was different from the rest of the days. It seems to stay pretty windy here. The red flags are constantly flying at the beach. We swam for a little while, then went back to our lounge chairs, where we laid and read for a while. We also discovered a new drink while out there. At least it’s new to us. It’s called a “Miami Vice,” and consists of mixing a Pina Colada with a Strawberry Daiquiri. So it’s a frozen drink that is part white and part red and all delicious. When we had about 90 minutes until Christi’s massage, we got back in the pool to cool off and then headed back up to the room, where she took a bath, and then went down for her massage.

Upon returning, Christi gave the massage two thumbs up. While she was gone, I typed up my entries for days two and three, and then, after she got back, I went down to the circle in the middle of our floor, where I could access the free lobby wifi, and posted them. That took a little while, because of the number of photos I needed to upload. When I returned to the room, Christi was out on the balcony, reading, so I joined her, where we read until it was too dark to read any more (this time of year, that’s around 6pm, of course). We had dinner reservations for the steakhouse at 6:30pm, so we got ready to head down there.

At the steakhouse, Christi and Stephanie ordered rib-eyes, while I ordered the tenderloin. Steph was going to get pork chops, but they informed her that this was really ribs. Either that or they didn’t have them…I’m not sure. But, like the Mexican restaurant, they had a buffet of appetizers, which included onion rings, corn croquettes, pork ribs, fish fingers, and a few other things. The appetizers were delicious, as were the rolls that they brought us. The steak arrived and it was very good. Christi and I decided that the steakhouse was the best food in the hotel, hands down.

After dinner, Christi and I relaxed for a few minutes, after which we decided to take a walk on the beach, which was lit by a full moon (I don’t know if it was technically a “full moon,” but it looked like a full moon to me). We walked out there and got our feet in the ocean for a while (I got the bottom of my shorts wet, too, from one rather large wave). I got a couple of iPhone pictures of the moon, but the best one I managed to get with my camera before we went out. So here is a picture of a full moon over the ocean in Cancun.

Full moon over Cancun
Full moon over Cancun

That was pretty much it for that day. Nice and relaxing. Three days and two nights left.

TTFN, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Cancun–Day Four

  1. You’re making me jealous with all this vacation talk…especially since you’re on the Caribbean and there’s a dusting of snow here! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

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