Alice Cooper–School’s Out

My most recent album in my project of ripping all of my vinyl to digital was Alice Cooper’s fifth studio album, School’s Out
It was released in 1972, on Warner Bros. Records. Apparently, the original release had the record enclosed in a pair of panties. Mine, thankfully, just has a regular paper sleeve. I believe the former practice was discontinued at some point. The wiki article says it was because the panties were flammable. What, and paper isn’t?

School’s Out is a very satisfying album, in my opinion. There is a hint of a theme throughout the album, beginning with the title track, which is one of Alice’s biggest hits ever. The third track, “Gutter Cats Vs. the Jets,” seems to have a feeling of high school gangs duking it out. The fourth track is really a continuation of the third, simply called “Street Fight.” In “Alma Mater,” the third track on side 2, the singer is saying goodbye to his high school, and hoping that he is not forgotten. This segues into a brief hint of “Happy Trails,” and right into the “Grand Finale, which is totally instrumental, and closes out with the final theme from “Gutter Cats.” All in all, I find School’s Out to be a good album, musically. It is very interesting, and, I believe, somewhat unique for its day.

I had to share this really cute clip of Alice doing the title song with the Muppets in 1978.

I wanted to post a clip of the unusually bluesy “Blue Turk,” but the only good video I found of it had some rather sensuous images on it that I would rather not post here. So here’s a clip of “Gutter Cats Vs. the Jets,” with the album cover as background.

And here’s a similar clip of “Alma Mater.”

Up next is one of my favorite albums of the seventies, Billion Dollar Babies.

TTFN, y’all!


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