The Beau Brummels–Triangle

Tom Moon calls Triange, by The Beau Brummels “A Psych-Mod Blast From the Bay.”

I had barely ever heard of this group, much less listened to them. But after a good listening to Triangle, I must say that they had a pretty unique sound. This album was released in 1967 on Warner Bros. Records. It took me a bit to get past the lead singer’s warbly vocals, but once I got past that, I enjoyed the album. (Side note…I do not listen to these albums only once. I give each of them at least two or three listens, sometimes more. In a few cases, I have already listened to them many times in my life.)
At first, the Brummels were an American response to British rock. But, according to Mr. Moon, with this album, they became “purveyors of delicately scored mystical rock that captured the crisscrossing currents of 1967.” He calls the songs “tart, lively, and disarmingly beautiful.” His key tracks are “Magic Hollow,” and “Are You Happy?” I was fond of “Hollow,” as well, along with “Painter of Women.”

Here’s “Magic Hollow.”

I couldn’t find a clip of “Painter,” so I’m including this clip of “Old Kentucky Home.”

I’ll be hanging on to this album for a while (downloaded it with Rhapsody).

TTFN, y’all!


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