Rangers On Top; Angels On Bottom–Life Is Good!

With one week of the season pretty much done, now, things are not looking good for the Red Sox. Again, at least they’re not going to be 0-9 again. But it’s looking like they might be 1-10. Not much better. The thing is…I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s pretty much the same team that was supposed to win it all last year. But it looks like we have just continued September of 2011 right on into April of 2012. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m thinking it’s time for management to do some slapping. I just don’t know who needs slapping. Anyway…since my last update, they have continued their losing ways, losing the last game with Toronto (and the series) 3-1. Lester pitched well, but the bats were not working. Only three hits in the game, by Ellsbury, Aviles, and Ross. Lester, in fact, pitched the entire eight innings for the Sox (the ninth not needed, because the Sox didn’t score in the top of the ninth).

The Rangers have won one and lost one since my last update, the loss coming, again, at the hands of the apparently inept Joe Nathan. I know…”it’s early.” But what good is a “closer” who can’t pitch on consecutive days?? Nathan is 50% right now, having blown two out of four save opportunities, and an ERA of 9.0. That’s not very good. I’m willing to say that Darvish’s terrible beginning was due to opening jitters. He settled down after two innings (his ERA is still 7.94, though, and I’m yet to be convinced that he will be as good as the $50 million hype). Anyway…Wednesday, Colby pitched a stellar outing, and was ahead 3-0 when he left the game. 6.2 innings, 5 hits, no runs, and ERA of 1.42. Ogando gave up one run. No big deal…they’re still winning 3-1, going into the top of the ninth. (I need to correct myself…Nathan only has one blown save. The first game he lost was tied when he came in, so that wasn’t a save opportunity.) Nathan comes in and gives up two more runs, making it 4-3, and the Rangers can’t come back in the bottom. Colby gets a no decision on a great game pitched.

On Thursday, though, Derek Holland came in and pitched another great game. It was 1-0 for a while, but then Michael Young hit a 2-run homer to make it 3-0. Holland gave up one in the sixth and one in the seventh. Ue-Horror came in in the eighth, and actually did okay. I was scared. But he closed out the eighth. Mike Adams came in and closed the game, giving up one run in the ninth, but the Rangers had scored two more in the seventh, so the game ended with the Rangers on top 5-3. The Rangers sit alone on top of the AL West, a game and a half ahead of Seattle. The Angels, the team that all the pundits are predicting to “win it all” this year (sportswriters are so silly…the Angels got Pujols, so they all think that he, alone, will take them to the World Series), are in dead last, having been beaten twice in a row by the Twins, which were the last team in the MLB to break their winless streak this season. In fact, the only two games the Twins have won have been against the Angels. Isn’t that fun? I know the season is very, very young. But I can enjoy this while it lasts.

That’s it for now…I need to get to my devotional blog, Revelling In the Overflowing Grace of God. See you soon with some music updates.

TTFN, y’all


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