And So It Begins…

It’s Friday, April 6, 2012. Good Friday. It’s been a while since I have updated here. It just seems like we are busier, or something.

The big news today is that baseball has started! The season is underway for roughly half of the teams, and the rest will start today. The Cardinals and Marlins played a one game “series” Wednesday night for ESPN. The birds won 4-1 behind some really good pitching by Kyle Lohse. Yesterday, the Red Sox started off their season with a decent showing against the Tigers. However, it was their misfortune to go up against the “pitchernator,” Justin Verlander. That boy has GOT to be doing something illegal, don’t you think? He is filthy! I think that curve of his needs to be investigated. Anyway, he pitched 8 stellar innings against the Sox, holding them to only two hits. Jon Lester didn’t do much worse, but gave up a run in the seventh inning. Valverde came in for the Tigers in the top of the ninth and promptly blew his first save of the year. I was very happy to see that, as I seriously don’t like that guy. Unfortunately, two pitchers in the bottom could not hold the lead for the Sox, and they lost 3-2. Valverde, who failed, gets the win, instead of the pitcher that deserved the win.

Ahem. Mr. Selig? Hello? Don’t you think it’s time to seriously revisit the rules on how wins and losses are handed out? Pitchers who fail do not deserve to have wins credited to their account!

Today, my second favorite team, the Texas Rangers, will take the field at their home opener against the Other Sox. Robin Ventura is their new head coach. Nolan Ryan is the President and part-owner of the Rangers. Anybody remember this?

Heh. Unfortunately, this video seems to be announced by Other Sox announcers. I couldn’t find the clip with the Rangers announcers.

Anyway…hopefully, the Rangers will be able to win their home opener.

I’ll go ahead an update the last album that I ripped from vinyl, which was actually a couple weeks ago (I haven’t made any progress on that, lately). It was this:

Phil Collins, Face Value

Published in 1981, it was the debut solo effort by the then front man of Genesis. Or was he the “back” man? It’s kind of hard to call the drummer the “front” man. Anyway, it includes the hits “In the Air Tonight” and “I Missed Again.” “In the Air Tonight” hit number one on the charts in some countries, but only made it to number 2 in the US. Over all, not a bad effort by Collins. Here’s a you tube of the “official video” for “In the Air Tonight.”

That’s it for today. I’ll be listening to the Rangers home opener at work while Stephanie watches it at home.

TTFN, y’all!


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