Finally Finished With Chicago

Once again, I’ve let a few weeks go by without posting here. I have not abandoned my two musical quests, one being ripping all my vinyl to digital, and the other, listening my way through 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die. It just seems that I have not had time to blog here, lately.

I finally finished all of my Chicago albums, the last one I have being Chicago 19.

This album was released in 1988 on Reprise Records (although it still had the “Full Moon” logo on it). In my opinion, it continues the mediocre streak of songs, and is hardly worth listening to. This would be the last Chicago album I would buy, until 25 came out, which is actually a very nice Christmas CD. I have learned that this would also be Danny Seriphine’s last album, their drummer for the whole time of their existence. I don’t know the circumstances behind his leaving.

The album charted at number 37 on Billboard’s top 200, with four singles released. They did have a number one song on the album, “Look Away,” which hit number one on both the Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary. “I Don’t Want to Live Without Your Love” made it to number 3 on the Hot 100 and number 5 on Adult Contemporary. “You’re Not Alone” made it to 10 on the Hot 100 and 9 on Adult Contemporary. “We Can Last Forever” only got to 55 on the Hot 100 and 12 on Adult Contemporary.

Here’s a clip of the song “Look Away.”

The next album I ripped takes me way back to right about the time I started College. It was by a young man named Chris Christian, who was very influential in Contemporary Christian Music (otherwise known as CCM) back in the day. It was his first album, simply called “Chris Christian.”

It featured a lot of songs that brought back good memories for me. He had his own version of “Why Does the Devil Have All the Good Music?” But it wasn’t nearly as good as Larry Norman’s. There’s a song that I used to play quite a bit, called “Odessa Beggarman ’74.” Also included is “Great, Great Joy.” It was produced in 1976, the year I graduated from high school.

Sadly, I can’t find any youtube clips from this album. It was, for its time, a great album.

I just finished another Chris Christian album this morning, called “Chance.”

This one must be his second album, as it was produced in 1977. It contains songs such as “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” “Sail On” (which would be recorded by The Imperials), and “First Morning in Heaven” (which, I think, was also recorded by The Imperials). While not as good as the first offering, it still had some very listenable songs on it.

I found a youtube clip of “Satisfaction Guaranteed.”

Now, for some more selections from 1000 Recordings. It has actually been a couple of weeks since I listened to these, so I have to refresh my memory. The next thing I listened to was “Barretto Power,” by Ray Barretto. The caption for the article says “Salsa Caliente.” So that tells you right off what kind of music it is.

There are only eight tracks on this album. Mr. Moon’s key tracks are “Oye la noticia,” “Right On,” “Quitate la mascara,” and “Power.” I found this album to be enjoyable listening. It’s not my favorite style, but it was good Latin music, good beats, a tight band, and good sound. It is Latin music with a jazz feel to it. Here is a youtube clip of “Power.”

Next up was a vocalist named Cecilia Bartoli. The album is called “The Vivaldi Album.” The caption of the article is “The Pleasures of Italy, in Sound.”

Released in 1999, this album features a number of Vivaldi arias. Bartoli has won four Grammy awards for her singing, and Moon describes her as having “jaw-dropping agility.” After listening to this recording, I heartily agree! His key tracks are “Zeffiretti che sussurate,” “Sventurata navicella” (from Il Guistino), “Alma oppressa” (from La fida ninfa). I have no idea what any of that means. The two tracks that literally made my jaw drop, however, were “Dopo un’ orrida procella” and “Anch’il mar par che sommerga (Il Tamerlano).” The sheer dexterity of her voice is mind-boggling. Here is a youtube clip of her singing “Sventurat navicella.”

It is actually quite astounding to watch. I have no idea what the piece is about, but her facial expressions are fun to watch.

So that brings me up to date on my listening. Hope you all have a great day, and I’m off to do my devotional blog, Revelling in the Overflowing Grace of God.

TTFN, y’all!


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