Thank You, A-Roid

This is the last day of work before a week-long vacation. It’s been over a year since I’ve had more than one day off (other than weekends, of course), so this will be a welcome vacation. We don’t have a lot planned, at this time, so we will be “playing it by ear.” Stephanie will have school four days, being off on Monday for Columbus day. We are going to go to Pirtle, TX Sunday afternoon, to take a last look at my Grandmama’s old place, and maybe bring back a few things, if we can fit them in our car. It will be a bittersweet trip. We plan to spend Sunday night in Kilgore and come back Monday.

Before that, though, we are going to go through the membership class at The Exchange. We are very excited about this and look forward to being “official” members of the church.

Next weekend will be our annual anniversary weekend in Glen Rose, TX, where we will stay at Paluxy River Bed Cabins. I’ve mentioned them before in this blog. It is a little slice of paradise just outside of Glen Rose. I’m starting relax already. If you are looking for a nice place to spend a couple of nights, away from it all, with your significant other, give John and Karen a call. We have been going there for…I think this may be our 9th year? Something like that.

The most exciting news of late is the Rangers repeating in the American League Championship Series, which begins IN TEXAS tomorrow, Saturday, October 8th. It’s starting in Texas, thanks to Alex Rodriguez (unaffectionately known as “A-Roid” or “A-Fraud”), who, for the second year in a row, ended the Evil Empire’s playoff run with a strike out. At least he swung this year. HAH!! The Rangers will be facing the Tigers in Texas Saturday and Sunday. Both of the NL division series are tied at 2 and will be decided today. I’m actually pulling for a Rangers/Diamondbacks World Series. I was pulling for the Brewers, but I found out they have very close ties to Bud Lite, the worst baseball commissioner ever.

Oops…look at the time. Gotta hurry.

This morning I finished processing two vinyl albums, and got them loaded into iTunes. They are:Steve Camp “Only the Very Best” and Steve Camp “Fire and Ice.” Both albums were released in 1983. “Only the Very Best” is a “best of” album and contains songs on other previous albums. “Fire and Ice” is possible the first Steve Camp album I owned, and is the one that really made me like him. On this album, he switches gears a bit and really rocks. It’s eighties rock, of course, but it still rocks. And, listening to it this morning, I still liked it. Even the ballads seemed to have aged better than most eighties ballads. I don’t have any more Camp vinyl, but several cds. Later on, he switched gears again, but this time to almost strictly worship music, and most of it quite good.

Well…gotta go. Time to go to work.

TTFN, y’all!


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