Rangers Return To the ALCS

After yet another gut-wrenching 4-3 victory over “destiny’s child” yesterday, the Rangers are returning to the ALCS for the second year in a row. I guess we can put aside any feelings that last year was a fluke. Adrian Beltre was the man of the day, the Ray-killer, as he achieved a feat never before achieved in MLB history, hitting three home runs in a single Division Series game. Let’s not forget Ian Kinsler, though, who started off the day with a blast that would put the Rangers ahead to stay. But just like the night before, the game was anything but easy. I listened in almost agony during the last two innings, because the Rays never quit. I’ll give them credit for that, at least. But the Rangers prevailed and have won the series 3-1, becoming this year’s first division series winner. The Evil Empire spanked the Tigers 10-1 last night, forcing a game 5 in that series tomorrow. The Diamondbacks finally won a game against Bud’s Brewers, and the Phillies pulled ahead of the Cards, 2-1. Both NL series stand at 2-1. The ALCS will begin Saturday, either in Texas or in New York. I’m hoping for Texas.

Stephanie had a really great day at school yesterday, second day in a row. She is working off of a new “contract” that requires her to get a “yes” on several questions from each of her classroom teachers. If her entire page is “yes,” she gets to spend the final period of the day in her favorite classroom, the Stars room. However, if she gets even one “no,” she must spend the final period in a different classroom. There’s her incentive. She’s done well for two days. She was very tired last night. Must be exhausting to be that good all day. Hahahaha…

Three more work days and we are on vacation! Yay!!

I guess that’s it for today. Short entry.

TTFN, y’all!


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