Life Goes On

I find it somewhat ironic, looking back at my last entry, that the day I decided to actually root for the Evil Empire, they decided to lay down and die. I watched in horror as they didn’t even bother trying to win a single game against the Rays. So let me make one thing perfectly clear. I will never, ever, ever, ever (get the point) root for the Evil Empire again. If either one of my favorite teams ever gets to a point where the Evil Ones have to win in order for them to make the playoffs, tough. Right this minute, I’m rooting for the Tigers in the ALDS. Even though I think the Rangers have a better chance against that other team.
Don’t misunderstand me, though. The only team to blame for the Red Sox not being in the playoffs is the Red Sox. It’s not the Evil Empire’s fault. It’s not the Desperate Housewives’ fault. It might be the Orioles’ fault…no, not really. (What kind of Wheaties did THEY eat at the end of the season??) Furthermore, I sincerely believe that there was some kind of distracting drama going on in the clubhouse (with John Lackey possibly at the center), which not only caused the greatest collapse in baseball history of Septembers, but also has resulted in Terry Francona leaving as the manager. I’m even hearing rumors that Theo may be leaving, potentially to take over the helm as GM of the Cubbies. Who knows? I just know they’d better get it figured out during the off season, or we will just have another repeat of 2011. Regardless, though, I will still be a fan. No matter what.
Right now, both the Tigers and the Rangers have a one game edge in their ALDS. The Phillies and Cards are tied in their NLDS, and the Brewers are 2-0 in theirs. I thought I was rooting for the Brewers until I found out that Bud Lite has close ties with them. Used to own them, I hear. And might still. Who knows? But since I hold the firm opinion that Bud Lite is, possibly, the worst commissioner in the history of baseball, that kind of makes me not like the Brewers. Doesn’t matter. I don’t care beans about the NL anyway. Just interested to see who will be in the Whirl Serious. (Any “Pogo” fans out there?? Didn’t he say that once?) Rangers could win it today.

Life has been moving right along here at our house, which is a very, very fine house, with four cats (and a dog) in the yard house. And life is still relatively hard. Steph continues to be a challenge, and, I’m sure, always will be. We are still struggling over the guardianship issue, whether to do it or not. Guardianship, power of attorney…it’s a muddled slope. We’ll figure it out someday, but we figure we have to do something. The first month of school was not very easy. There have certainly been more difficult times, but it seems like it’s going to be a long road to graduation. I just pray that we can make it. It really means a lot to her.

I’ve ripped quite a few albums since I last posted any here. The Boones “Heavenly Love”
David Bowie “ChangesOneBowie”
David Bowie “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”
Dave Boyer “A Friend Like You”
Bread “Guitar Man”
Edie Brickell and New Bohemians “Shooting Rubber Bands At the Stars”
Dave Brubeck, Kai Winding, and JJ Johnson “At Newport”
The Byrds “Greatest Hits”
The Brothers “The Calling”
Jackson Browne “Late For the Sky”
Jackson Browne “The Pretender”
Jackson Browne “Running On Empty”
Jackson Browne “Lawyers In Love”
Buffalo Springfield “Buffalo Springfield” (Neil Young, Stephen Stills, and Richie Furay)
JJ Cale “Naturally”
JJ Cale “Troubadour”
JJ Cale “Grasshopper”
Steve Camp “Start Believin'”
Steve Camp “For Every Man”

Whew. That’s got me caught up to now.

I’ll try to have time to do this every morning from now on. I need to keep journaling life as well as devotions.

TTFN, y’all!


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