How Much Do I Love the Red Sox?

Hi, there. Several things have happened since I last bloogedblogged. One is, you will notice immediately, I changed my background. “Why?” you might ask. I’m glad you did! I decided that it looked too much like a blog that would only be about baseball and never anything else, and that’s not true at all. As much as I love baseball, especially the Red Sox, there are other things going on in my life, too. I know some might find that hard to believe, but it’s true. Also, I think it said something about being an “official” MLB blog, and it wasn’t. So there. And this background is very pretty. I like it.

We’ve had some ups and downs with Stephanie over the last few weeks, but things are looking up, at least for today. She missed most of last week, because she went into meltdown mode last Tuesday, and Christi wound up having to go get her again. We had a psych appt set up for Thursday, and had told her that, if we had to come get her, she would not go back to school until after the appt. So she didn’t. At the appt, the doctor told Christi that she couldn’t really handle the kind of expectations that were being put on her at school. They were asking her to transition too much, etc. Of course, we have always said that, but getting the school to agree with that is, well, next to impossible. Anyway, he did agree to increase her Risperidone to a third pill a day, which she will have to take at achool. She started taking the extra pills immediately, and, it may be a bit hasty, but it seems to have made a difference already. We shall see how the week progresses.

I had a colonoscopy Friday. “What’s that,” you ask? I’m glad you did!! Really? You don’t know? Okay…it’s where you go to some outpatient surgical type place…oh, wait. First you have to drink this really gross stuff on the night before. 64 ounces of it!!!! It tasted…salty…and sweet…and slimy. 8 ounces every fifteen minutes for four doses, then repeat in 4 hours. About an hour after the first drink, it started cleaning me out. Oh, I forgot to mention, I hadn’t had anything to eat since the night before. I must admit…it could have been a lot worse. I heard from people who essentially had to camp out in the bathroom all night. I went to bed about 130am and got several solid hours of sleep. So the next morning, we get up and head to Baylor Surgicare in Grapevine. We were supposed to be there at 9am, but we got there about 830. I tell you the truth, I never even got to sit down in the waiting room! By the time I got through signing the several hundred forms I had to sign, there was someone waiting to take me back to a bed. I got into my gown (which actually went all the way around me!!!) found my bed and laid down. They put the most wonderfully warm blanket on my feet. Ahhhh….Then they stuck these sticky round things all over me. For the heart monitor, I was told. Then they taped the IV thing to me. Next thing we know, they’re wheeling me back to the room where the procedure will happen. And it’s just barely 9am, the time we were supposed to arrive! In the room, they started feeding the drugs into my IV. I wasn’t totally, fully out during the procedure, because I could feel a little poking around, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, and obviously, I wasn’t awake enough to say anything. Everything was pretty much clear, except for one very small polyp that they removed, and will biopsy, but the doctor didn’t feel that there was any cause for concern at all. We were driving home by 1015! Seriously, right?? I was pretty groggy and slept about 4 hours in the afternoon. All in all, it was not a terrible unpleasant experience. I don’t want to do it again, you know, next weekend, though.

Another thing that happened was the Texas Rangers clinched a second consecutive ALW division championship. That was cool. The Red Sox, however, continued to slide, but are still in the running for the Wild Card. And today, I find myself in an extremely difficult situation. You see, several things need to happen in order for the Red Sox to make the playoffs. Their magic number is 3. There are 3 games left. So…they could seal it by sweeping the O’s. Based on last week’s series with the O’s, that’s not likely to happen. Another thing that needs to happen is that the Rangers need beat the Angels at least one time. Their E number is 1. They need to be out of the running tonight! Of course, if the Sox win, that would take care of the Angels. The other thing is this: The Rays and the Yankees are playing a three game series to finish the season. The Rays are one game behind the Sox in the WC race. If the Yankees beat the Rays all three games, the Sox go to the playoffs. Or if they beat the Rays twice and the Sox win at least one game with the O’s, the Sox go to the playoffs. Of course, we go back to the fact that, if the Sox win all three games with the O’s, they clinch it. What’s my dilemma? Do I love the Red Sox enough to do something that I said I would never do? Do I love the Sox enough to *shudder* *deep breath* (I’m not sure I can type this…1-2-3…) rootfortheyankees??????

My answer, I have decided is, unequivocably…


I love the Sox that much. I may have to take a shower after every game, but I’ll do it until the Sox clinch the wild card. After that, it won’t happen again until next time the exact same circumstances are in place.

At this exact moment, the Sox lead the O’s 2-1 and the Yankees are ahead of the Rays, 2-0.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

TTFN, y’all!


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