Who Are These People, And What Have They Done With My RED SOX???

It’s been a while since I have been here, once again. Looks like August 31 was the last entry.

We had our first instance of Steph refusing to get on the bus to come home yesterday. It’s only the third week of school. But yesterday was a little different. There was a kind of misunderstanding between Steph and a good friend of hers. It seems that the teacher was giving Steph a little lecture on how she needed to show more respect to her teachers and do what they say. Her friend was agreeing with the teacher. Steph thought the friend was being mean to her. Then, Steph went to get on the bus, and though her friend was laughing at her. This made her really upset, she banged on the bus door, and got off the bus. Christi had to leave work early and go get her. The thing that was different, though, is the way she was processing the whole event. She was upset with herself, and ultimately realized that her friend was not laughing at her. While her reactions to the scenario were not good, her processing of it afterward showed a maturity that I have not yet seen in her. For that I am proud of her. We still have to work on reactions “in the moment,” though.

We are still going strong at The Exchange Church. We have been helping with the setup on Saturday mornings, and Christi has been learning the video production end of things. Hopefully, I will get plugged into the worship team soon, both with guitar, and, I hope, some vocals, eventually. I’m starting to work on some music, and hope to eventually build a Facebook music page. That takes motivation, though, which I always seem to be short on.

I finally got finished going back and re-recording all the vinyl albums that were messed up because the settings on the computer were not accurate for the software I’m using to rip them. So now I’m moving forward again. It was about 30 records that I had to re-do. IN the past few days, I have ripped the following albums:
Berlin–Pleasure Victim
The Big Bopper–Chantilly Lace
Blood, Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits

Berlin’s Pleasure Victim (Geffen Records GHS 2036) was released in 1982 and has the popular single, “The Metro” on it.
The Big Bopper’s Chantilly Lace (Pickwick SPC-3365) is a re-release of an original mono record. It includes a couple of my favorites, “The Big Bopper’s Wedding” and “Little Red Riding Hood.” Unfortunately, the only Bopper song ever played on the radio any more is “Chantilly Lace.” The Big Bopper was the stage name for Jiles Perry Richardson, also known as J.P. Richardson. On February 3, 1959, Richardson was killed in one of the most famous plane crashes in American music history, along with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. That day was called “the day the music died” by Don McLean in his song, “American Pie.”

Blood, Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits (Columbia PC31170) was released in 1980 and includes such songs as “Spinning Wheel,” “And When I Die,” “God Bless the Child,” “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy,” and “Lucretia Mac Evil.” It’s a very good record.

I’m currently ripping this album:The Boones–Heavenly Love

Please don’t ask me why I have this record. My musical taste was much “fluffier” in the late seventies. This record (Lion & Lamb Records LL 1044) was released in, I think, 1979, produced by Chris Christian.

Now…on to a topic that I’m not enjoying quite as much as I expected to be in early September. Baseball. The Red Sox seem to have disappeared and some imposters have taken the field in their uniforms. Seriously. They have lost seven out of their last ten games. I’m being told by some of my Twitter/Facebook friends that we don’t need to panic just yet. I’m not sure when that time is. It’s not the Evil Empire I’m worried about, you see. They’re only 6-4 in their last ten, and we are only 2.5 games behind them. It’s the stinkin’ RAYS I’m worried about. There’s only 5.5 games between them and the Sox in the wild card race. There are less than 20 games left, and I’m terrible at math, so I don’t really know what the chance is that the Rays will catch the Sox (or the Evil Empire). However, the Rays are playing the Sox, and the Rays won last night. That didn’t help at all! They need to step it up and win the rest of this series, so they can stay in the playoff race. For a team that was supposed to win it all this season, the Red Sox are playing rather “mediocrely.” I know…that’s not a word.

The Rangers aren’t doing a whole lot better. They are 6-4 in their last ten, and 2.5 games up on the Angels. They put the whooping on the Athletics last night, though, 13-4. They are playing as I write this blog, and tied 3-3 in the top of the 6th. The Angels are also a half game behind the Rays in the wild card race.

I’m not sure it’s going to matter, anyway. The Phillies seem to have made a deal with Satan this year. They are 11 games up in the NLE, and the poor Braves would be in first place in three of the other five divisions. The Brewers are this year’s “Cinderella team,” seven games up on the Cardinals in the NLC. The Diamondbacks seem to have the NLW wrapped up this season. The following teams have been eliminated already: Baltimore (will Bucky return next season?), Kansas City (disappointing…they started off strong this season), Minnesota (surprisingly bad team this year!), Seattle (no surprises there), NY Mets, Washington, Florida (all in the Satanic Phillies’ division), Pittsburgh, Chicago Cubs, Houston (on the verge of losing 100 games!), and San Diego. Six teams have an elimination number lower than ten, including the Blue Jays, who put the hurt on the Sox in a four game series this week.

So there, the picture. And I have a stomach ache just talking about it. The main problem with the Sox this year is pitching. Dice-K is probably gone forever. John Lackey has had a horrible year. Horrible, horrible, horrible! I know he’s got some personal stuff going on, but I don’t understand why Tito has continued to let him sink the team. According to some tweets last night, he has the highest ERA after 25 starts in Red Sox history…maybe MLB history. But it’s not just him. The last three starters all gave up five or more earned runs in the early part of the game. Ah, well…it’s just a game, right?



TTFN, y’all…


2 thoughts on “Who Are These People, And What Have They Done With My RED SOX???

  1. Something terrible has happened. I do not know how to explain it. But you need to help me fix it. There’s still time, right? You fix Bard. I’ll work on Curt Young.

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