Weekend Weirdness. Come On, Irene!

It was an interesting weekend.

We got up very early on Saturday, and headed up to the middle school where The Exchange Church meets, arriving there at 8:30. This is the time that everything is set up in the auditorium for our Sunday morning Worship Celebration. We worked with everyone there, completing the setup in just under two hours. It was an “enlightening” experience, to see how everything gets put together, and just to see the process that we always saw completed when we came to church on Sunday morning. This will be a regular part of our weeks, for the most part.

After getting home, having some lunch and resting for a couple of hours, we then headed up to Christi’s mom’s apartment, in west Fort Worth. They are moving to a smaller, less expensive apartment in the same building. The movers had been hired to move the furniture and larger stuff on Monday, but we went to move all the clothes and smaller things on Saturday. I made five trips between the two apartments, with a rolling cart that accommodated all the hanging clothes from both closets. I also managed to get a large closet worth of clothes crammed into a closet about half the size. I was rather proud of that accomplishment.

After about 2.5 hours of that, we decided we were finished, and debated where to have dinner. We finally agreed to follow my sister-in-law (she had come to help, too) to a Red Hot & Blue restaurant close to where she lives. I had never been to one of those. It’s a “Memphis style” BBQ restaurant with a “blues” motif inside. I loved the atmosphere. There were guitars everywhere, some of them authentic and even autographed. There was also a copy of a Stevie Ray Vaughan record on the wall…I think it may have been a platinum record. There was blues music playing on the speakers. The food was pretty good, as well. I will definitely be going back to one of those places, if I can find one close to where we live.

We got back home, exhausted, and just crashed in front of the TV for a while.

Sunday morning, we had to get up early again, this time, because Christi is learning the video production end of things at the church, and so we had to be there by 7:30, since they have recently moved to having two services, at 900 and 1030. I also helped a little with whatever needed doing, then I sat back to listen to the worship team rehearse. Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I will be up there with them. It looks like there will be a monthly Saturday evening rehearsal for the music team.

After church, Rachel and Justin were waiting at the house, so we went out for lunch, this time, to… to… um…Aha! Texas Roadhouse. Forgot there for a minute. We had a nice lunch, then headed home to watch some TV together. After they left, we were pretty tired, and hit the sack fairly early Sunday night.

It was also a very interesting weekend for baseball.

Because of Hurricane Irene heading up the east coast, several games were either postponed or even “preponed.” I know…not a word. Anyway…the Red Sox started a series with Oakland by losing 15-5 on Friday night, while the Rangers blasted the Angels, 11-7. In the meantime, Baltimore was embarrassing the Evil Empire, 12-5, which gave the Sox another game lead on the Empire.
Saturday was when it started getting weird. Since the hurricane was due to hit the New England area Sunday, MLB “preponed” Sunday’s game between the Sox and the A’s into Saturday, making a double header for Saturday. There were massive rain delays in both games, but they finally managed to get two games in. It had to have been exhausting for everyone, and the rain delays lasted hours. The Sox won both games, 9-3 and 4-0. The Rangers, being in no danger of anything resembling rain, lost to the Angels, 8-4. The Evil Empire and the Crybabies, had their doubleheader completely postponed. They had to play a doubleheader on Sunday, but that still left them a game behind, apparently, because they are scheduled to have a make up game later, which, for some reason, the Evil Empire is grumbling about. They split the doubleheader on Sunday, and the Rangers beat the Angels, 9-5, taking the series from them, and leaving the weekend with a 3.5 game lead over them.
The Evil Empire and the Crybabies played another game on Monday (was that the make up?) and the Evil won 3-2, reducing the Sox lead to 1.5 games. The Rangers and Sox were both off on Monday.

Last night, the Evil beat the Sox 5-2 in a very disappointing outing for the Sox offense, which managed to leave something like 20 men on base. Twice they left the bases loaded without scoring. The Rangers shut out the Desperate Housewives 2-0 behind some very stellar pitching by the return of Scott Feldman! I’m glad to see him back, that’s for sure!

So as of today, the Rangers continue to hold a 3.5 game lead in the ALW, and the Sox are .5 game up on the Evil in the ALE. They really need to figure out how to get those runs across tonight. Soxy will be live blogging game tonight, so I will try to catch that, as well.

I wish I had had a camera on the way home from work yesterday. As I passed by a CVS Pharmacy, I saw a sign that said “Mandatory Water Conservation in effect.” Right behind the sign was a sprinkler that had lost its head, water spraying everywhere! That would have been a great picture.

I accompanied Steph to “mini school” on Monday night, where we followed her daily schedule, spending about 9 minutes in each class. It was a good time and I got to meet a couple of her teachers that I had not met before. Christi couldn’t go, because she could barely walk from all the work she did over the weekend, plus she also went back to her mother’s to supervise the moving of the furniture. But it all turned out pretty well, and her foot is feeling much better today.

I guess that’s all I have for today.

TTFN, y’all!


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