There Will Be Bowling (Surely You Didn’t Think I Was Going To Say “Blood…”)

The most important thing to tell you today, is that, when I got up this morning, it was raining!! It was beautiful. It currently has stopped, but is still a bit cloudy, and there is still a chance for some more. It rained slow and steady for a couple of hours.

I didn’t write here, yesterday, mostly because there were no baseball games for the Red Sox or the Rangers on Thursday night. It always seems like they have the same days off. And then, to make it worse, both teams are currently on the west coast, which means that their games don’t start until around 9pm, central time. I feel really sorry for Sox fans on the east coast, because their games don’t start until 10pm! I didn’t stay up…when we went to bed, the Rangers were ahead 9-1 against the Athletics, and the Sox had just gone ahead of the Mariners, 6-4. Oddly enough, both games finished that way. It’s almost as if they just stopped when I went to bed. Weird. The Halos beat the Bluebirds, but the Rangers maintain a two-game lead in the ALW. The Desperate Housewives, however, beat the Evil Empire, 5-1, giving the Sox a 2 game lead in the ALE! Huzzah! The Rangers play an afternoon game today, but it will be going on during the bowling party. Perhaps we will be able to get the bowling alley to put the game on. Sox play late again.

What bowling party, you ask? Well. Let me tell you. Since Friday is Stephanie’s 18th birthday (does that even seem possible?), the following Monday is the first day of school for Keller, and Stephanie’s best friend had her 19th birthday this week, we are having a bowling party today for two birthdays, and back to school for the STARS program. We’ve reserved four lanes at the local bowling alley and invited all the kids in the STARS program at Keller HS. There will be pizza, soft drinks, cookie cakes, and lots of fun. (But no milk shakes.) (Extra points to anyone who gets THAT reference.) We went to the mall last night and got two cookie cakes for the event (as well as few small cookies for ourselves, of course), after which (or was it before…yes, I believe it was before) Stephanie got her ears pierced, once again. We’ve tried this twice before, mind you. She promises that she will clean them properly this time. We’ll see about that.

I guess that’s about it for today.

TTFN, y’all!


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