Red Sox Win! Rangers Win! Evil Empire Loses!!

The Red Sox held onto a small lead last night, managing to beat the Twinkies, 4-3. it was a tight game, and Liriano pitched valiantly against the Sox. Eric Bedard, after struggling in the first inning, got on track and pitched very well for the rest of his time in the game. He was in line for the win, but Matt Albers gave up a tying run in the bottom of the sixth inning. But David Ortiz came through once again, and drove in what turned out to be the winning run in the top of the seventh. To make it better, Mo Rivera gave up a two run home run to Bobby Abreu in the top of the ninth in New York, and the Halos beat the Evil Empire 6-4, to put the Red Sox 2.5 games up in the ALE
I know that Rangers fans were actually exercising insanity and hoping for the Evil Empire to win. I just can’t do that. However, the Rangers pulled a Red Sox tool out of their hats, and came up with a bottom of the ninth walk off win against the Mariners in what was a pretty crazy game. For the first two and a half innings, both teams scored in their half inning. It was 3-3 going into the top of the third, but the Rangers broke the pattern when they posted a goose-egg in the bottom of the third. It stayed 6-3 for a long time after that. Finally, in the bottom of the seventh, the Rangers scored two runs to get closer. Another run in the bottom of the eighth tied the game. And one more in the bottom of the ninth, as Josh Hamilton singled to score Ian Kinsler, who had led off the inning by drawing a walk. How often that lead-off walk comes back to haunt you! So, you see. As long as the Rangers keep winning, they don’t need to worry about what the Halos do. Now, one could just as easily say that about the Red Sox and the Evil Empire, and it would be true to a point. However, one should NEVER root for the Evil Empire to win. That would be like cheering for Darth Vader. Or Lord Voldemort.

That’s pretty much all I have to say today.

TTFN, y’all!


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