So Long, Bubba!

As I expected, I didn’t have time to get in an entry yesterday morning. But I’m back today.

Yesterday was a frustrating day at work. I can’t really say much about it. It wasn’t a “bad” day…we had three late deliveries, due to a blowout on a trailer, but, other than that, it went pretty smoothly. There were logistical things that happened that made it frustrating, though. But it ended, just like all days do, and we’ll do it again today. I’m still very grateful to have this job, and very grateful to my supervisor, who got me the job just almost a year ago. In fact, a week from this coming Monday, I think.

There was sad news yesterday (possibly even the night before), as I learned that Bubba Smith has died. I don’t remember him much from football, but I do remember his role in “Police Academy.”

In baseball news, on Wednesday night, the Rangers lost another game to the Tigers, while the Sox had yet another walk-off hit from Jacoby Ellsbury to beat the Tribe in the bottom of the ninth. Yesterday, however, the tides turned for both teams. The Rangers had a solid victory over the Tigers during an afternoon game, winning 5-2, while the Sox just couldn’t contain the Tribe last night, losing 7-3. Unfortunately, the Evil Empire won, so there is now a tie for first place in the ALE. The Halos also beat the Twinkies, so the Rangers hold a one game lead in the ALW. I have a three-game streak in Beat the Streak. Picking Scutaro tonight, because he has a .444 avg against Colon, who is pitching for the Evil tonight.

Sadly, I discovered yesterday that there was a problem with my vinyl ripping setup. I suddenly noticed that I was not hearing all of the tracks in the playback. There were vocals missing on the album I ripped yesterday, and when I played back the Beatles White Album on my iPhone, there were parts that were not coming through. After a few minutes of tinkering, I discovered that the input device was set up as “1 track.” Well, no wonder! I changed it to “2 tracks,” and everything comes through load and clear. The only problem is…I’m going to have to go back and re-record some records. Oh, well. I enjoy doing this, anyway, so it’s not so bad.

I am currently reading the new Jim Butcher novel, Ghost Story, another Dresden book. I’m not sure I like it. I’m not sure I like it at all. I’m really afraid. I don’t know what he’s doing. And that’s all I can say about that at the moment.

I guess that’s it for today. Oh, yeah…I exercised again this morning. Three days in a row!

TTFN, y’all


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