111? Really??

It’s Wednesday morning, and guess what I did? I got up early (about 20 minutes)…and…


I’m gonna give you a minute to let that sink in.

So yesterday turned out to be waaaay better than the day before, at work. So that’s good. I think Christi had a pretty good day, too, and even had a few amusing stories about work. I always like those. After work, I heated up some cans of Chicken a la King, made some rice and toast (Christi likes hers on toast), and we topped it off with Jello Yogurt Pie, a great recipe that we have been using for a long time. It’s cool, easy and tasty.

In baseball news, it’s a mixed bag for yesterday. The Rangers lost to the Tigers, 6-5, the loss going to our new-found sensation, Mike Adams, who gave up the winning home run during his first trip to the mound for the Rangers. I hope that was just first day jitters. We gave up a AAA player who just threw a no-hitter for this guy. Meanwhile, the Sox managed to eke out a win against the Tribe, 3-2, scoring the winning run in their style, in the bottom of the ninth, giving Papelbon a win. The Evil Empire also won, so the gap between them remains at one game. The Halos won, so the Rangers lead over them has been reduced to one game. Neson Cruz hit a home run, though, starting a new streak for me in Home Run Beat the Streak. Today, I’m going to the Bluebirds and Adam Lind, who has hit FIVE home runs against the opposing pitcher, James Shields. Kevin Youkillis got a hit (home run) last night, so I’ve got a new streak there. If my streak gets broken from this point on, I’ll quit playing, as there are only…wait. I think there are only 54 games left. I don’t think I can make it anyway. I have to do some math later. Anyway…I’m picking Ellsbury today.

The album I ripped today was “Truth” by Jeff Beck. Produced in 1968, it is the debut album by the Jeff Beck Group and featured Rod Stewart on lead vocals.

That’s about all I have for today. Gotta go fix my lunch for work.

TTFN , y’all!


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