Where Have I Been?

Judging from all the emails I’ve gotten wondering where I’ve been…oh, wait. There aren’t any. Well, anyway, I haven’t had time to update this blog for a few days. Monday mornings tough, because I have to be at work an hour earlier than the rest of the week. But I only get up 30 minutes earlier. It doesn’t quite balance out.

Since I’ve been absent, not much has happened. Saturday, Christi spent the day helping Rachel and Justin clean their old apartment. I stayed home with Steph, took her out to Cotton Patch for lunch, and didn’t do a whole lot more. I finally finished watching “Caprica.” Heh. Someday, I’ll get caught up on Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Fringe, too. Sunday was a pretty good day.

Yesterday was one of those days at work that you’d rather not talk about. So I won’t. Suffice it to say it ranked down there in the bottom five of work days in the last year. Which, by the way, in a little less than two weeks, I will have been working at my current employer for one year! Woot! (Of course I wasn’t an official employee of the company until November…I will celebrate then, too!)

This morning, I have to stop at Stephanie’s school on the way to work, to provide our annual “residency verification.” She goes to pick up her schedule on Monday at noon.

In baseball, not very much exciting has happened in the last three days. Saturday, Texas shut out the Bluebirds, 3-0, as Dutch Oven pitched his fourth shutout of the season! I believe he is the first Rangers pitcher to ever do that. Boston creamed the Other Sox, 10-2. Sunday, the Bluebirds struck back, beating the Rangers 7-3, while the Red Sox beat the Other Sox again, 5-3. Yesterday, the Rangers did not play, and the Red Sox lost to the Tribe, 9-6, once again behind the currently sub-par pitching of John Lackey. Now, let me say that I am not a “Lackey-hater.” However, I think it is seriously time to consider that his career may be pretty much over. His pitching this season has been very poor, most of the time. On the other hand, that could have been said about Beckett a couple of years ago, so perhaps he still has some good years left.
The current standings still see Boston one game ahead of the Evil Empire, while the Desperate Housewives have pretty much fallen out of the race, 10 games out. Bucky and the Crybabies sit at the bottom of the ALE, 23 games out. The Rangers are still two games up on the Halos in the ALW, with the A’s and the Mariners both more than 10 games out.
At the trade deadline on Sunday, the Rangers had picked up a pitcher from the Crybabies, whose name I can neither pronounce nor spell. Sadly, they traded Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter. I will miss Davis more than Hunter, but I liked both guys. I wish them well. I’m sorry they went to such a sorry team with such a pathetic manager. Hopefully, Bucky will get fired soon, and a real manager will bring some life to the team. One that doesn’t waste all his time crying about the gigantic payroll of the Red Sox and the Evil Empire. “There’s no tears in baseball,” Bucky!! Except for maybe that time when Buster Posey’s leg bent a way that legs are not supposed to bend. *shudder*

I remember saying that the next album I was going to rip was “Abbey Road.” Well, I didn’t have to rip that one because, for some reason, I purchased that album from iTunes when all the Beatles albums became available there. So the next record was “Hey Jude,” also by the Beatles. This album was released in 1970, and was a collection of mostly non-album singles, except for “I Should Have Known Better” and “Can’t Buy Me Love,” which were both previously released on the soundtrack of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Well…gotta run. See you tomorrow.

TTFN, y’all!


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