Live Blogging Red Sox vs. Other Sox 7/29/11

I’m trying something different tonight, but not unique or original. Just different for me. I’m “live-blogging” between the Red Sox and the Other Sox tonight. I’m joining the game in the bottom of the first inning, as Wakefield goes after his 200th win in a Red Sox uniform. The score is 0-0. Wake strikes out Juan Pierre. Vizquel popped out. 2 outs and Konerko is up. Konerko pops up to first b–what? Is that Youk playing first base? It sure is. Hang on…who’s playing third, then? Sutton. Huh. Okay. Top of the second coming up.

Youk is up now. He hits a nice line drive to left field, but the left fielder makes a diving catch. Josh Reddick is up. Reddick strikes out, which brings up Carl Crawford and his unique stance. And Crawford grounds out to first base, making it 1-2-3 for the Sox in the top of the second.

I’ve got to get into this better. Not doing very well at it yet. It’s too dry. I need to insert some sarcasm or pithy sayings or something.

The Rangers are leading the Bluebirds 1-0 in the bottom of the fifth.

Who’s this guy batting? I must pay more attention. Oh, it’s Adam Dunn. I’ve heard his name a lot. He strikes out. And there’s Heidi Watney. Your lips move, but I can’t hear what you’re saying. Because the sound is off. Because I’m also watching Masterchef. They have to cook scallops in the “mystery box” challenge. Oh, wait…this is not a “Masterchef” blog, is it? Carlos Quentin grounds out to short. Pierzy…peerzin…Pierzynski comes up. That name is NOT fun to type. He grounds out to Wake, who really wants this win. 1-2-3 for the Other Sox. 0-0, top of the third coming up.

The longest name in baseball is up. We just call him “Salty.” I wasn’t crazy about him as a Ranger, but he’s growing on me in the Sox uniform. (Bluebirds took a 3-1 lead over the Rangers.) Especially when he does THAT!! Home Run, Salty!!! 1-0 Red Sox!! Drew Sutton is up. Why? Where is Gonzo? Hahahahah!!! THEY DROPPED IT!! And easy out, and they all ran together and dropped it! That brings up Scutaro with a runner on first. No outs. BAD SCUTARO!! BAD!! He hit into a double play. That brings up our pretend son, Jacoby Ellsbury. It’s a long story. Ells grounds out. But we got a run on Salty’s magnificent home run. 1-0 Right Sox, going into the bottom of the third.

Ramirez is up for the Wrong Sox. The knuckleball is humming tonight. Pop up to Ellsbury. De Aza flies out to Crawford. Whoops. Wakey hits Beckham. Beckham? Isn’t he a soccer player? Yes!!! Wake strikes out Pierre for strike three! Awesome Timmy! 1-0, Red Sox, going to top of the fourth.

The Masterchef people are cooking pork. The Rangers are still down 3-1.

Pedroia comes up, with his 25 game hitting streak on the line. He takes a dive as Floyd almost hits him. Do NOT hit the Pedey! No hit on this at bat. Pedey grounds out. AAAAHHHH!!! Ozzie’s face is on my computer screen! Make it stop!! Youk is up. Playing first base tonight for some reason. Whoa! I missed Ortiz? Wow…he got out fast. And Youk grounds out to make the third out. Bottom of the fourth coming up.

Vizquel leads off the bottom of the fourth. I really liked him on the Rangers. I was sorry to see him go. Wake throwing wild. Settle down, Tim! Omar thought he had a walk, but the ump called it a strike. So he flied out to Ellsbury for revenge. Wake’s throwing a lot of balls…that worries me. Ooh…Konerko out on strikes. Not sure if it was called? It looked high to me, but we’ll take it, right? Adam Dunn scores a long single, spoiling the no-no. But Quentin pops out, preserving the shutout. 1-0, Red Sox, going to the top of the fifth.

Reddick leads off with a pop foul. I really hate pop foul outs. I don’t even like to see the other team lose on a pop foul. It’s such a waste. While I was whining about pop fouls, Crawford gets an unlucky break as his smashing grounder gets nabbed for an out. That brings up Salty again, our only run. And he will remain our only run for now, because he struck out this time. It’s a pitcher’s duel so far tonight. 1-0, to the bottom of the fifth.

First up for the Other Sox is that guy with the hard name again. P-whatever-ski. That was quick. He lines out. I almost missed it typing the first sentence. Then Ramirez draws a walk. De Aza hits a grounder to Youk, but he doesn’t have time to get the double play. He gets De Aza at first, leaving Ramirez at second, in scoring position with 2 outs. Beckham flies out to Crawford, though, to end the inning. Threat over. Going to the top of the sixth, it’s 1-0, Red Sox.

Drew Sutton leads off. For some reason, he’s playing third base, because for some reason, Youk is playing first, because for some reason Gonzo isn’t playing tonight. Sutton works a 3-2 count, hitting about 5 fouls. What???? Are you kidding me??? You called that a strike?? It was close, but it was outside the zone. So there’s one out for Scutaro who beats out a grounder for a single. Second baseman made a good snag, but the throw was way off. Ellsbury, please don’t GDP this time. Nice!! Scutaro eliminates the DP by stealing second! Way to go, Scuts! And Ellsbury draws a walk. If the ump had been paying attention, we would have three men on right now, because Sutton should have walked, too. Okay. C’mon, Pedey! Get a hit! Pedey did not get a hit. He almost hit into a double play! Nooooo!!! But Scutaro gets to third. Runners at the corners with two outs. Papi is up and they show his grand slam from earlier this week. Very pretty. And Papi draws a pretty walk. Bases loaded. For who? For Youk!!! YOOOOOUUUUKKKK!!!! C’mon Youk! NOOOOO!!! Youk! You struck out looking? Sigh. Bases loaded, no score. 1-0, Red Sox, going to the bottom of the sixth.

Pierre leads off with a single, bringing up Vizquel. He tries to bunt, but it goes foul. Wait…no it didn’t. They tagged him. Pierre got to second, and now he’s on third after a wild pitch. Things are getting tense. Konerko hits a sac fly. Pierre scores, game tied. Darn it! Adam Dunn grounds out to end the inning, but the game is tied 1-1. The Sox need to score a run in the top of the seventh in order to put Wake back in the win column.

In the meantime, the Rangers have lost 3-2 to the Bluebirds. And I just noticed that Bucky and the Crybabies are leading the Evil Empire 2-0. Nice!

The commercial gets back late and Reddick is already ahead in the count. However, Reddick gets behind in the count…behind enough to get out. Crawford follows by flying out. Salty barely misses a ground rule double that is inches foul. Then he strikes out. Boo. Still tied 1-1. Bottom of the seventh.

Okay, Wake is back in, facing Quentin. After working a full count, Quentin draws a walk. This brings up P-ski. Who promptly goes yard to put the Wrong Sox ahead, 3-1. Tito….should not have put Wakey back in… You guys are not making my first live-blogging experience a very good one. Aces is warming up in the pen. But Wake strikes out Ramirez. If he can get out of this inning, there is still a chance for the win. Albeit a very slim chance, the way the bats are not working tonight. Wake gets De Aza to ground out. Two outs. C’mon Wake!! You can do this! And Beckham also grounds out. So, now! Sox!! Listen up! Get at least three runs in the top of the eighth inning!

New pitcher for the Other Sox. Matt Thornton. Navarro is pinch-hitting. He hits a line drive right at the first baseman. Bad break. That brings up Scutaro. Scutaro watches strike three go right down the pipe. That’s disappointing. And Ellsbury grounds out, shattering Wakefield’s bid for win number 200. At least for tonight. The Sox, however, still have one more inning to win. 3-1, going into the bottom of the eighth.

Aces comes in to pitch for the Sox. Does anyone know what he writes in the dirt on the mound during that ritual? Pierre is out with a quick line drive to right. Then Aces strikes out Vizquel for out number 2. Aces gets Konerko to pop out for number 3. It’s hammer time, Sox. Pedroia comes up next with the hitting streak on the line, but more importantly, this game is on the line. Top of the ninth coming up.

Santos is in to pitch for the Wrong Sox. And Pedey’s hitting streak comes to a tragic halt as he flies out to center field. Papi works a full count…and grounds out. Two down…one out away from a loss. Youk is up. Please don’t make the final out, Youk. Please? Aww….Youk hits a liner right at the second baseman. Three out. Game over. Sox lose 3-1. Only three hits on both teams. Hats off to the pitchers in this one.

TTFN, y’all!


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