Ugly Baseball

Good Wednesday morning to all. It’s “Hump Day!” Check out my devotional blog at THIS LINK.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, after all. There was potential for great disorder and chaos, but thank the Lord, it did not turn out that way. It went pretty smoothly. Christi had a pretty good day, even though there were a lot of issues with the new roll-out, and she had to stay until after 7pm.

Sadly, I learned yesterday that Dan Peek, co-founder of the group “America” passed away this past Sunday. He was 60 years old. I have not heard what the cause of death was. He was with America for a number of years, but then left the group to pursue a solo career as a Christian artist. I’ve only every heard one of his songs, “All Things Are Possible,” which still gets some radio play on the local Christian station.

Baseball was kind of ugly yesterday. Not that it was pretty Monday, right? The Red Sox played roller coaster with the Royals, but wound up dominating the game and winning 13-9. Boston took command, finally, with a 6 run 5th inning. Andrew Miller, the starter, did not get the win. Aceves got the win. In the meantime, the Rangers also played roller coaster with the Twinkies. They were ahead 7-3 at one point in the game, and wound up losing it in the 9th inning, 9-8. Neftali Feliz, who has struggled all year, got pegged with the loss. The box score only shows two errors on Texas, but I’m pretty sure there should have been more. Josh Hamilton should have been credited with an error on a fly by Jim Thome that he just flat missed. He was right under the ball! Then Elvis Andrus committed an error that allowed the tying run to score. It was at that point that I turned it off and went to bed, extremely disgusted. The Halos won last night, so the Rangers lost a game in the standings. The Grumpy Old Men handed the Mariners their 17th straight loss, but the Sox won, so it doesn’t matter. I wonder when the Mariners manager is going to get fired? Seriously. Ian Kinsler did not get a home run last night. Just for kicks, I’m picking Cody Ross of the Giants today. Brandon Phillips of the Reds went 2-5 yesterday, increasing my streak to 4. Today, I’ll pick Youk, who is a Pick of the Day.

I was going to rip this album today…The Beatles VI. But, alas, my copy is pretty much unplayable. The first song won’t play without skipping, and there were other skips along the way, so I just gave up. Instead, I’m doing this one:It’s called “The Beatles Early Years (2)” and is a British import. According to what I can find, it was made in 1981, straight from some tapes from the early sixties. It’s a live set. The mix is not very good at all. However, I’m seeing the record on ebay for as much as $60. So I guess it’s somewhat collectible. I’m not sure where I got it. Did my dad give me this record? Maybe he remembers.

I can’t think of anything else to say this morning.

TTFN, y’all!


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