Introducing the Beatles…Sort Of

Good morning, all! I have already finished my devotional blog, which you can find at THIS LINK.

Yesterday was pretty good, for a Monday. My work day went very well, but with promise of a busy day today. Hopefully, all will go well today. Christi’s day was okay, I think. I’m sure there was much stress, but she did not have to work any later than usual, so we had a nice dinner together last night. Just canned Chicken a la King over rice for Stephanie and me, and on toast for Christi. Easy and delicious. Christi and I watched Sunday night’s episode of Leverage, which was pretty good (although the preview of next week’s episode left me fearful…did I just see Eliot get SHOT???? They better NOT have killed off Christian Kane’s character!).

While we were watching Leverage, I had the Rangers game on “Gameday” on my computer. I watches as they scored 3 runs in the first, 3 runs in the second, 3 runs in the third, and 5 runs in the fourth! At that point, we decided it would be fun to watch this game on the TV. I had planned to try “live-blogging” the Red Sox game, but it was rain delayed until late-thirty. How come Boston gets all the rain?? Anyway…so we watched the rest of the Rangers game, as they completely and utterly humiliated the Twins (out of respect for the dead, I won’t use my common nickname for them), 20-6. I think I heard Dave and TAG say that it was the highest score ever in Arlington. Most of us remember the 30-3 crushing of the Crybabies a few years ago, but that was in Baltimore. (They weren’t “crybabies” back then…that was before Bucky took over.) By the end of last night’s game, I really felt bad for the Twins, especially after Repco missed that long fly that bounced off the side of his glove in the 7th inning. The funniest part of the whole game was probably when the Twins put in Michael Cuddyer, a position player, to pitch in the bottom of the 8th. Wonder of wonders…he held them scoreless, even after getting the bases loaded. However, lest he get too big a head, I’m hoping that, by that time, the Rangers weren’t trying too terribly hard at the plate.

In the meantime, the Red Sox game got under way, and, in spite of me telling them to look at what the Rangers were doing, they managed to lose to the Royals (THE ROYALS???), 3-1, in 14 innings! Sigh. To quote the Rangers skipper, “That’s the way baseball go.”

To help the Rangers out, the Tribe beat the Halos 3-2. To not help the Red Sox out, the Mariners failed to break their losing streak, losing to the Grumpy Old Men, 10-3. Big Papi did not hit a home run, although he got two singles. So no streak started there. Josh Hamilton got two doubles, so my Beat the Streak extends to 3. I’m going to do something different today, and pick a Pick of the Day, Brandon Phillips of the Reds. He has a .571 avg over the last 5 years against the opposing pitcher. Ian Kinsler has 2 homers off of Carl Pavano, who is pitching tonight, so I’ll pick him for the Home Run.

Today’s record being ripped to digital is:Introducing…The Beatles. VJLP1062 (also SR1062). I know…you’re getting all excited! OMG, he’s got a copy of the first Beatles album!!!! In mint condition, this album could be worth at least $750. Sadly, it didn’t take much research to find that this is probably the most counterfeited album in history, and my copy is, indeed, a counterfeit. That’s okay…I didn’t pay very much for it. And Half Price Books obviously knew it was a counterfeit, because the price tag on it was minimal. I just wanted a copy of the record.

That’s it for today. Be back bright and early tomorrow. Unless I decide to try to live-blog some baseball tonight.

TTFN y’all!


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