Monday, Monday

I have to get this done quickly this morning…not much time left.

Yesterday was a pretty great day. We had a great morning at The Exchange Church, and you can read about that a little more in my devotional blog. Lunch afterward was at Zio’s. We haven’t been there in a while. We even had to box some up and took it home and had it for dinner last night.

Christi had to call in to conference calls multiple times during the day, but things seems to roll pretty smoothly on their big project. At one point, they were even 12 hours ahead of schedule! There was one point where she thought she was going to have to go to work at 5am, but thankfully, that didn’t happen. They should be starting up right about now (it’s 7am), which is only about 30 minutes before she usually gets there.

The Red Sox had a slugfest against the Mariners yesterday, but the resulting score was closer than it seemed, as they won 12-8. Tim Wakefield recorded his 2000th strikeout yesterday, a mark reached by only one other Red Sox pitcher, Roger Clemens. He also notched the win, one game closer to his 200th win. Unfortunately, he stayed in the game one batter too many, as his last batter hit a grand slam over the Green Monster, to make the score 12-7. The A’s were not able to come back against the Grumpy Old Men, so the Old Men won 7-5. But that really doesn’t matter, since the Sox won, too, and are still 3 games ahead. Sadly, the Rangers could get nothing going against the Bluebirds last night, and lost 3-0. Which, of course, means that Nelson Cruz did NOT hit a home run. I’m going back to David Ortiz today. Jacoby went 2-5, thought, so I have a two game hitting streak in Beat the Streak. Today, I’m going with Josh Hamilton, as he has a .500 average over the opposing pitcher over the last five years.

I guess that’s about it for this one. Not much else to talk about today.

TTFN, y’all!


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