A Thoughtful Day

Yesterday was a very interesting day. It started nice and slowly, like I like my Saturdays to start. At around noon, we went across the street to Fogata’s for lunch. After lunch, we went over to the west side of Fort Worth and picked up Stephanie’s senior pictures, which came out very nice. They are very pretty. Our next destination was the rehab center where Don, Christi’s stepdad is staying after his surgery. That surgery was a leg amputation. He got one too many infections in that leg, which was a result of complications involving his diabetes. Type 2 diabetes. The same kind I have (even though it’s borderline at this moment). We had to move him down to the front driveway in his wheelchair and then use a “sliding board” to slide him into the car from the wheelchair. It wasn’t terribly difficult. Then we took him over to the independent living place where Christi’s Mom is currently living, and, hopefully, he will be soon. We all visited for a little while, they took Don around to show him the place, then we took him back to the rehab center.
This whole sequence of events had an impact on me. I was in tears as we left that rehab facility, because it is so very difficult, seeing someone you care about being in circumstances like that. It reminded me of the last time I saw my Granddaddy. He was barely alive at that time, a shrunken, shell of a man. There is no light in Don’s eyes. He appears as though he has given up. He wouldn’t really even try to help us as we moved him from wheelchair to car and back. When he spoke, there was no feeling in his voice. It hurt to see him that way.
But even more, it made me stop and think about myself. I don’t want to wind up like that, and if I don’t make some serious lifestyle changes, I could be in the same boat (or wheelchair) in twenty years (if I even last that long). Of course, I’m typing all this while eating a cinnamon roll from a local donut shop. But here’s the truth. We are make definite changes beginning tomorrow morning. Today, I weigh 356 pounds. I don’t think I’ve ever posted that here. Yes, I’m severely obese. In February of 2010, I was dangerously close to 400 pounds. I lost 40 pounds last year during the time I was unemployed. But when I got a job last August, my timetable got all turned around. Suddenly, I didn’t have time to cook the healthy meals I had been making for the family. Suddenly, I didn’t have the energy to exercise for 30 minutes every day (I lied to myself and said I didn’t have the time). During this year, I’ve gained back, but only a little. So tomorrow, we are all getting back to a healthier lifestyle. I still recommend Spark People for a community that is highly motivating and encouraging. It’s totally free, and you can track everything you eat, all your exercise minutes, and join various Spark Teams that will help motivate you and keep you accountable. I, for example, am a member of a Spark Team called “50+ with 100+ to lose.”

Okay…enough about that. Yesterday was also a great day for baseball. The Red Sox played a close game with the Mariners, but prevailed when Jacoby Ellsbury hit a two-run single in the 7th inning, giving the great Terry Francona his 1000th career victory! It also gave the Mariners their 14th consecutive loss. At the same time, the Rangers were battling the Bluebirds, and went into the bottom of the 9th behind 4-3. The first batter walked. The second batter bunted, but because of a muffed ball by the pitcher, he got on first safely. Ian Kinsler bunted for a SAC bunt and advanced the runners to second and third. Elvis Andrus bunted for a successful suicide squeeze, scoring the tying run. 2 outs, 2 runners on. And then Michael Young hit an opposite field fly to right field that the Bluebird right fielder couldn’t get to. Game over, Rangers win 5-4. The Grumpy Old Men lost to the A’s 4-3, so the Sox are 3 games up in the ALE. Bucky and the Crybabies finally won another game, beating the Halos 3-2, so both of my teams gained ground in their divisions. The Rangers are 4 games up on the Halos in the ALW. Ian Kinsler did not hit a home run yesterday, so no go on that game. I’ll try Nelson Cruz again today. Pedroia got a hit, though, so I have a streak going again in Beat the Streak. He’s got something like 20 straight games, now. Pedroia’s on fire. But so is Jacoby, and he’s my pick for today.

The album I’m ripping to digital today is a Capitol re-issue of All Summer Long, by The Beach Boys. It is Capitol SF-501. Originally released in 1964, this re-issue was released in 1970. My copy does not have a name written in the upper right hand corner…that’s just the best image I could find.

That’s it for today…gotta hurry and do my devotional now.

TTFN, y’all!


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