Living On the Edge, Pt. Deux

I had another “living on the edge” moment Thursday. Totally forgot to write about it. Lately, I’ve been taking Stouffer’s frozen dinners to work for lunch. They all have slightly different cooking instructions, right? You know…”Cut film open to vent.” “Take meal out of package.” “Cook on high for 4 minutes. Pull back film and stir. Replace film. Cook on high for 3.5 minutes.” Thursday, I threw caution to the wind and DID NOT PULL BACK THE FILM AND STIR THE MEAL! That’s right! I just cooked it for 7 straight minutes! I can hear the gasps of terror from here. Oddly enough, it tasted fine. I think I may have learned something here. I once worked with a guy who never followed the instructions on the frozen dinner packages. He was a real rebel! He stuck the whole package in the microwave, box and all, and pressed 333 and “Start.” He claimed it always worked. I…I’m just not that brave.

There’s this guy where I work…he worked at the last place I worked, too. He was a warehouse lead there, but at the current job, he is just one of the warehouse workers. Anyway…I watch him walk by my window everyday as he goes to the breakroom to clock in. (My window faces the warehouse, so don’t go getting jealous because I have an “office with a view.”) So this guy always walks by, and he’s wearing a Boston Red Sox cap. HECK YEAH!! I smile and give him a “thumbs up” every time. Then…this one day…he walks by? And he’s wearing a “Grumpy Old Men” hat!!!!!! WHAT????? I chased him down. I really did…I’m not making this up. “What the heck are you doing????” I asked. “Where’s the Boston hat? You need to burn that one!” He said, “It’s at home.” The next day, he was wearing the Boston hat again. Then a few days later, the G.O.M. hat. I’m….SO confused! (If you haven’t been reading my blog, and don’t know what “Grumpy Old Men” means, it’s one of my nicknames for the Evil Empire, which is another nickname for the Ya….Yank….I CAN’T DO IT!!! I just can’t type that name. It makes me feel….dirty.)

Yesterday went pretty good at work. It was another fairly quiet day. Except for the part when one of our very important systems went down for about two hours. That was kind of scary, since I wasn’t finished with my prep work for Monday. It came back, though, and I was able to get finished. Christi’s day was interesting. She had to leave work early and take Steph to the doctor (a planned appointment), and that went okay. The doctor is really harping on us to lose weight, which is something we need harped on about. Otherwise, it went okay.

We had BBQ for dinner, from Lone Star BBQ, which was pretty good. Christi and I watched the two episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen” from this week. Sigh. The contestants get worse every year, it seems. The drama is almost overwhelming. I think it’s just the way people are today. Oh, I forgot…first we watched the elimination episode for “So You Think You Can Dance.” I think they got the girl right, but not the guy. We both thought Ricky should have gone home. Oh, well. All the dancers are pretty good now, so it’s kind of a toss-up. And where’s Adam Shankman??? We haven’t seen him since the auditions?

The Red Sox beat the Mariners last night, handing “King” Felix a decisive loss. Final score 7-4 (but it really wasn’t that close), and Pedey extended his hitting streak to, I think, 19 games? The Grumpy Old Men had a slugfest against the A’s. It was 14-2 in the third inning. Poor A’s. Final was 17-7. The Rangers also had a bit of a slugfest, whooping the Bluebirds 12-2. Nelson Cruz had a career-high 8 RBIs. Amazing! The “boomstick” was in full force. Also, Colby Lewis took a No-No into the 6th inning, when it was shattered by a home run. Oh, well. The Halos also won again, beating Bucky and the Crybabies 6-1. Vernon Wells hit a grand slam in the 9th, off of Kevin Gregg. Gotta love that. I can almost see the tears in Bucky’s eyes as he and Gregg whine about how unfair the Halos were, what with their huge payroll and all. You see…it’s obviously everyone else’s fault that the Crybabies keep losing. They’re just victims. Big Papi did not hit a home run last night. I got a feeling…Ian Kinsler’s going to pop one tonight. Josh Hamilton went 0-3 last night. Ouch. Back to zero in Beat the Streak. I’m going to take a risk and pick Pedroia for today. If his streak ends, it will be my fault.

The record I’m ripping to digital today is:Little Deuce Coupe, by The Beach Boys. I do believe that this copy, Capitol T-1998, is the original 1963 release. One point in favor of that is that the record is “monophonic.” For all you kiddos out there, that means it’s not in stereo. That’s right. There was a day that stereo didn’t exist. In fact, many people thought stereo was just a fad and would go away. Like 8-tracks. Hahahaha. Anyway, this album has the title track, as well as another well known song (at least well known by me) called “409.” It’s not about a cleaning solution. Also included is “Shut Down,” which is also on “Surfin’ USA.” There’s a track on side 2 (records had two sides…there were five or six songs on each side, usually…you had to actually turn them over…I know, it’s weird) called “A Young Man Is Gone,” which is a capella and showcases the Boys’ wonderful harmonizing abilities. It appears to be a tribute to James Dean.

What does today hold? In a little while, we are planning to go out for lunch, then head over to get Stephanie’s senior pictures. After that, we are going to pick up Christi’s step father, who is currently still in post surgery rehab, and take him over to the “independent living” place where he and Christi’s mom will be living. Probably a trip to the grocery store…not much else, I don’t think.

TTFN, y’all!


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