Rangers Keep Rollin’

Wednesday morning, hump day. The week, so far, has been a “mixed bag.” It hasn’t been bad, but it hasn’t been great, either. Work has been okay, with minimal issues, but still, there have been issues. Christi’s work has been pretty much as usual, which, of course, is not really good. But on we go, because we must. We did have an unusual dinner around the table last night, at Stephanie’s request. I think she enjoyed that, as we all did. Perhaps we will try to return to that old tradition of having a family meal around the table, instead of sitting on the couch and chair, with Stephanie eating in her room. Goodness knows, her room would fare better. Heh. I made spaghetti last night, with some garlic toast. Easy and tasty.

The Red Sox lost a game to Bucky and the Crybabies last night, but that’s okay, because the Evil Empire of Grumpy Old Men lost to the Desperate Housewives, too, so the Sox retain a 1.5 game lead over them. The Sox’s bats just weren’t on last night. Since the Rangers are playing on the west coast, still, I didn’t even see a pitch of that game, especially since the start was delayed. So I awoke this morning and immediately checked my email for the postgame alert that I get from every game. Imagine my surprise! They beat the Halos 7-0! Alexei Ogando now has a 10-3 record, and the Rangers have won TWELVE STRAIGHT GAMES! Wow! They are also five games ahead of the Halos, which may be the biggest lead they’ve had all year. Youk did not hit a home run last night. Switching teams, going with Beltre tonight. Adrian, that is. Ellsbury got a hit, though, so I have a two-hit streak in Beat the Streak. Pedroia has a 17 game streak going. I’m afraid to pick him. Gonzo has a good record against tonight’s pitcher. Of course, the last time I tried that angle, he went 0-whatever. I’ll try him again, though.

Today’s record being ripped to digital is “Approaching Light Speed,” by Barnabas.
Is there anyone out there that remembers this band? Robert, maybe? Or do you even read this? Anyway, this record was published in 1983, and was one of the Christian Metal bands. Not as extreme as Stryper, mind you, but still pretty rockin’, with a female lead singer that sounds similar to Pat Benatar. Similar, I said, not nearly as good as Benatar.

That’s it for today. Go Red Sox! Go Rangers!

TTFN, y’all!


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