Red Sox Doin’ That Thing They Do

I knew I forgot something yesterday. I forgot to include the vinyl album I was ripping to digital.

Bad English was another eighties “supergroup,” comprised of John Waite on vocals (previously lead singer of The Babys), Neal Schon on lead guitar and Jonathan Cain on Keys (really?? You don’t know where THEY came from?? Okay…they were in Journey), Ricky Phillips on bass (also from The Babys, and went on to play with Coverdale and Page), and Deen Castronovo on drums (he’s played with a lot of different people and has a cool name). The eponymous album was produced in 1989 and did fairly well on the airwaves. They had one more album, Backlash, which I had never heard of until I saw the Wiki article a few minutes ago. According to the article, the group had already split before the second album was even mixed.

Today’s vinyl album is an eponymous album by Russ Ballard.
Russ Ballard was the lead vocalist and guitar player for Argent, (I did their album “All Together Now” a few days ago) and wrote the song “God Gave Rock & Roll To You.” This eight song album has his single “Voices” on it. It was produced in 1984.

Yesterday was an okay day. It stared out a little rough, but got better by the end. Christi had the usual amount of hecticacity in her day. Heh. I like that word. “Hecticacity.” I think we should start using that. After work, we finished the day by watching Sunday night’s episode of Leverage, which featured Danny Glover, and last night’s episode of The Closer which was just about the BEST EPISODE EVER!!! Wow! I loved it. I’m so bummed that this is to be the final season of the show. I just deleted a sentence, because I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who may not have read it yet.

The Red Sox beat the Crybabies last night. Bucky looked so sad. I wonder what he’s going to whine about now? Last night’s game was almost an opposite of Sunday night’s game. Going into the eighth inning, the score was tied 7-7 in a game filled with offense (dang…I actually had to look it up to see which “offense” goes there…I almost put “offence”). But the Red Sox…oh, those Red Sox! They did that thing they do…

They erupted for eight runs in the eighth inning! It was EPIC. I know. It was just Bucky and the Crybabies. But it was still EPIC! I feel really sorry for Vlad, being stuck with that bunch of losers. Unfortunately, down in the Juice Box, the Desperate Housewives pitcher WALKED IN THE WINNING RUN against the Evil Empire of Grumpy Old Men. But, since the Sox won, they kept their lead in the ALE. The Rangers did not play last night, due to some scheduling idiocy. They just had four days off, only played four days, and had another day off. And don’t tell me “traveling time,” because the Sox had to travel just as far as they did, after a 16 inning game that ended after 1am! Gonzo did not hit a home run. Sigh. Youk has three home runs against tonight’s pitcher, so I’ll try him. Apparently, I forgot to pick someone yesterday for “Beat the Streak,” so my “default” pick went in, which was Vladdy. He did not play, so I still have a streak of one. I’m picking Jacoby today, who happens to be one of the Picks of the Day.
Tonight, the Rangers play the Halos, an important series for both teams, and the Sox continue to risk being flooded by the tears of the Crybabies.

I guess that’s it for today. For the devotional blog, go to THIS LINK.

TTFN, y’all!


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