Living Stereo!

We had a pretty good day yesterday. We got to Mineral Wells around 1230 or so, chatted for a few minutes, then headed over to The Mesquite Pit for lunch. The Mesquite Pit is a very good BBQ place in Mineral Wells (and Weatherford). They give pretty good portions for not a lot of money. The five of us ate for just under $40! Of course, we all drank water, which knocked $10 off the bill. Restaurants charge ridiculous amounts for drinks, these days. Anyway, I had a “Pit Salad,” which is a meal-sized salad with choice of meat on it. I chose smoked sausage, and it was quite good. It was also HUGE! I couldn’t eat it all.
After lunch, we went back to the “senior Bickleyhouse” and visited for a couple hours, had some ice cream with fresh peaches, and headed home. It was a good time. My parents appreciated us making the trip, because it’s just too hot for them to get out much right now. I think the official high temperature a couple days ago actually hit 108. That’s hot. It’s getting close to being as bad as 1980.
By the time we got home, Rachel and Justin were already here, and we sat and talked and let them catch up on “Masterchef.” We had a lot of stimulating conversations during that time, so it took us about three hours to watch two episodes. May have been longer than that, because, at one point, we sent Rachel out for burgers.

Baseball was good yesterday, marred only by the Evil Empire of Grumpy Old Men winning their game against the Bluebirds. The Red Sox got back at the Desperate Housewives, 9-5. Lackey started off shaky, but wound up getting a win, nevertheless. Late last night, the Rangers beat the Mariners again, 5-1, for their 10th straight win! During the last six games, the Rangers had four shutouts, and went 33 innings without giving up a run. Pretty amazing. The Rangers are now 3 up on the Halos, and the Sox remain 1.5 up on the Evil Ones. David Ortiz got a double, but no home run. That streak remains at zero. Pedoria, Ellsbury and Reddick got home runs. Pedey has homered in three straight. I’m afraid to pick him for today. I don’t want to jinx him. I’ll just pick Ortiz again. He’s overdue. And Gonzo, the guy with a .714 average against James Shields, did NOT get a hit yesterday. Argh!! Oh, well. Back to zero. I’m picking Pedey today. He’s on a roll.

The vinyl I’m ripping to digital today is “Teensville,” by Chet Atkins. Yeah, that’s right.
This album was made in 1960 in “Living Stereo” on RCA Victor records. Record number LSP-2161, it boasts of having a “miracle surface” containing the “revolutionary new antistatic ingredient, 317X, which helps keep the record dust free, helps prevent surface noise, helps insure faithful sound reproduction.” Truly amazing.

I guess that’s it for today. I need to do a book review, but I don’t have time this morning. For the devotional blog, go to THIS LINK.

TTFN, y’all


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