Something Different

I’m trying something different today. That’s why the title is “Something Different.” I’m going to start putting all the personal, life-stuff over here on this blog and keep the other one mostly spiritual. I’ll make sure and link to both of them.

Yesterday was a great day for me. But Christi’s day wasn’t so good. Hopefully, today will be better. Stephanie had a great time at Champ Camp, so it was a good day for her.

Baseball wasn’t quite in full swing last night, but there were some games. The Rangers shut out the Mariners 5-0, behind another great performance by the Dutch Oven. He gave up 5 hits. They have now won eight games in a row. The Red Sox didn’t play last night. They play the Desperate Housewives tonight. But to make the night even better, the Bluebirds beat the Grumpy Old Men. Boy did they beat them! I believe the final score was 16-7! Gotta love that! Nelson Cruz hit a home run last night, so I have a home run streak of 1 going. I think I’ll keep him for tonight. And since Cruz was my pick for regular Beat the Streak, too, I have a new streak of 1 going there, too. I think I’ll go with Youk today, though. He has a pretty good average against David Price.

Today’s vinyl that I’m ripping to digital is The Association “Live.”
It’s a double album, so I’ll be finishing it tomorrow. It contains some of their greatest hits, like “Cherish,” “Windy,” “Never My Love,” and others. It was recorded in 1970. Yeah…I’m old. Because I remember all of these songs. Strangely, though, my favorite song by The Association is not any of those. Not even “Windy,” which I’m quite fond of. My favorite song by The Association is “Requiem For the Masses.” And I have Donald Turner, Jr., to thank for that. Back when we were kids, he played that song for me one day at his house. I’ve loved it ever since.

Today is Friday. I’m very glad of that. (Whoa…I usually say that FIRST! Told you it was different!) Tomorrow, I think we will travel to Mineral Wells to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Good times.

If you want to read the devotion, follow THIS LINK.

TTFN, y’all!


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