July 4th Weekend, Pt. 2 Galveston

We woke up around 7 Sunday morning (except for Stephanie…she slept later), got up showered, and I started working on my morning devotional blog. After I got finished with that, we went downstairs for the breakfast buffet. It was a good one, too. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, a variety of breads, juice, milk, cereal…just about anything you would want. After breakfast, we went back up to the room. Um…we tried to, that is. The only real complaint about The Magnolia is the elevators. For a few minutes, the only ones that came were going down. Finally, we got on one that was going down and decided to ride it down and go back up. We were only on the third floor. Our room was on 17. It stopped again at 3. We thought we had room for two people. They got on…it started buzzing, and then, as the door began to close, all the lights went out!! Panic city, baby!! We got the door open and we all got out. We never saw that elevator again! We were just about to walk down the stairs to the first floor and try to catch one going up, when a nice service person let us ride on the service elevator. We got a non-stop trip to 17!
We got all packed up and went down to the lobby. The nice thing about being so high up is that, when the elevator arrives, it is usually empty. It fills up by the time the reach the bottom, though.
We checked out, picked up our car from the valet parking, and hit the road to Galveston. We stopped in Deer Park for a Sonic Drink. When we got within about three miles of our condo, the traffic started. On I-45, about a mile from our exit, it was solid, then from there to the place we had to turn to get to Seawall Blvd, it was solid. And it was solid on Seawall Blvd. In face, there was solid traffic on Seawall Blvd for most of the day, even until 1100 last night. It is July 4 weekend, after all.
We got into our condo, got unpacked, and rested for a few minutes. Then Christi and I went to the nearby Wally World for some supplies (meaning cokes and snacks…and coffee, of course). After that, we went down the road to look for a place to eat, preferably seafood. We found Landry’s by the San Luis Resort. Very expensive, but very, VERY good! Steph had fried oysters, and Christi and I had “Daily Catch Pontchartrain.” I don’t remember what the daily catch was, but I don’t care, it was delicious! It had the creamy white sauce on it and crab meat on top of it. We also had small bowl of clam chowder as an appetizer, which was close to being as good as what we had in Bar Harbor, ME.
Very full, and very content, we headed back to the condo. Somewhere around 5pm, we decided to head down to the beach for bit. We’re just across the street, but had to walk down a couple of traffic lights to where there was some accessible sand. Most of the beach along the seawall looks like this.

So we got down to some sand and went out into the water and played for a while. I love being in the ocean. The water here is not cold at all…in fact, it’s almost warm. I went out pretty far, about waist to chest high and jumped around in the waves for a bit. Then I walked back in so Christi could have a turn (she was guarding our stuff…we had a camera and whatnot…) So she and Steph went out in the water together, then they came back and Christi and I went out there at the same time. After that, we came back to the condo and got in the pool to actually swim a little. The pool water was actually almost HOT. Weird. We had fun there for a bit, and came back to our condo, changed into street clothes and went in search of dinner.

We were looking for Coco’s, but it doesn’t appear to be here any more (it has been a few years since we’ve been down here). We finally landed at Denny’s. Which happened to be right next to….can you guess it? LA QUINTA!!! ROFL!!! (It has been decided that “La Quinta” is Spanish for “next to Denny’s.”) Our experience at this Denny’s was a little humorous. The guy who appeared to be in charge, was not happy. He was setting up tables for a party of TWENTY! (It was after 10pm at night, okay?) He was slamming chairs around, barking orders at people. Finally he got one of the waiters to start seating other people that were waiting. He kept saying, “It’s going to be a while!” I think he was trying to discourage people from coming in. Our waiter did a very good job of serving us (he did give us Spanish menus to begin with, but quickly correct that…I mean…I can tell what the pictures are, but can’t read the descriptions), and we didn’t have to wait terribly long for our food. They have this new thing (it might not be new…it’s been, literally, years since I’ve been to Denny’s, and yes, that is the correct usage of the word “literally”) called the Grand Slamwich.” You know Denny’s and their “Grand Slams,” right? This is a grilled breakfast sandwich with eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, and mayo with hash browns. It was awesome!!! I loved it! We gave our waiter an extra big tip.
One sad note…on our drive that evening, as we went the length of the town, we were looking for the old Flagship Hotel. Located at 25th street and Seawall for 45 years, the Flagship Hotel was completely built over water. It sat out on a pier, with balconies overlooking the ocean water. Christi said that she had stayed there multiple times, when she was younger. It was demolished in February and March to make way for a future “Pleasure Pier.” That pier is still under construction. The hotel was not in use, and had been battered by Hurricane Ike a few years ago.
We got back to our condo around 11pm, and went to bed. It was a great day. And I should probably brag a bit…Stephanie’s behavior was STELLAR all day!

Don’t know what today holds. There’s nice looking mini-golf place up the road, plus fireworks are slate tonight, out over the Gulf. We shall see.

TTFN, y’all!


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