Concerts in the Garden

Thanks to the generosity of a friend of Christi’s at her job, Christi and I were treated to a wonderful evening of music and fireworks. Christi was given two tickets to Concerts in the Gardens for tonight. This is a summer music series put on by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, usually featuring pop music of some kind. Tonight’s show was a performance of music from Woodstock.

Now I remember Woodstock. I wasn’t there, because I was only 11 years old when it happened. (That probably wasn’t the only reason…) But I remember it well. It was scandalous. It changed the world, especially the world of music. To this day, I still wonder, had I been born 10 years earlier, would I have been there? Probably not, but who knows, right?

Anyway, the music lives on. Most people my age, and even a fair number of people younger than me, remember the artists and the music that was played at Woodstock. Tonight, thanks to the FWSO, and a travelling group known as Jeans ‘n’ Classics, we were treated to a lot of that music. Janis Joplin (Piece of My Heart and Summertime), Hendrix (All Along the Watchtower), Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (Suite: Judy Blue Eyes and Woodstock), Blood Sweat and Tears (You’ve Made Me So Very Happy), and many others were featured. Oh, yeah…Jefferson Airplane (Somebody To Love and White Rabbit), and Joe Cocker (A Little Help with My Friends). It was wonderful and entertaining.

The setting for Concerts in the Garden is beautiful. Set in the Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth, it is a large meadow, flanked by trees. There are tables set up toward the stage, and the rest of the area is a huge lawn, where we all sat, either in lawn chairs or on the ground in blankets. You can bring pretty much anything in that you want. People brought in ice chests full of elaborate picnic spreads, circled their chairs and had a picnic during the concert. Children ran and played. It’s a relaxed, informal way to hear the symphony and some good music. The tickets we were given would have only been $16 had we paid for them. We paid $10 to park at a nearby football field, and were given a free shuttle ride to the park. There was food available, and even some trinkets like those plastic thingies that glow in the dark when you “break” them. We bought Stephanie two of those.

There was a fireworks show at the end, while the band played their encore, “Woodstock,” by CSN&Y. It was a nearly perfect night. We got back to the car quickly, and hardly had any trouble at all getting out of the parking lot.

The night was capped off by a bottle of wine in the hot tub in our back yard.

Oops. My parents read this. Oh, well. Ignore that last line, okay?

We’re thinking about going back in a couple of weeks to see them perform music by the Eagles.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Toward the end of the night, a young lady was arrested. We have no idea why, but she was taken out between two police officers in handcuffs, and was either crying or laughing hysterically…I’m not sure which. Perhaps she took some of the bad acid…

TTFN, y’all.


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