Memorial Day and Other Stuff

Hey, look what I did with my blog theme! How cool is that? I just discovered that this morning. So I thought I would just post a random blog that’s not about much of anything.

It’s Memorial Day, so we’re all at home on a Monday, which is weird. We have some movies to watch from Blockbuster. Let’s see…what did we rent? We got “The King’s Speech,” upon recommendation from my parents. We also rented “How Do You Know” with Reese Witherspoon (and her chin), Owen Wilson, and Paul Rudd. Last night we watched “Love and Other Drugs,” with Jake Gyllen….Gillenh…Gyllenhaal, Oliver Platt, and Anne Hathaway. Lots of Anne Hathaway! I mean more of Anne Hathaway than I ever thought I would see! If you understand what I mean. The movie was quite funny, but extremely, how you say, racy. Risque. Lots of sex.

Steph has been struggling lately, but there are any number of things that could be contributing. Probably has to do with the upcoming transition to the end of school. This week, she has a full day of school tomorrow, and half days the rest of the week. The last day is Friday. She is scheduled to work at Champ Camp this year, which I think will be good for her. And, fortunately, they offer bus service to take her to and from. Otherwise she wouldn’t be able to do it, since both Christi and I work days.

In baseball (finally, the important stuff), both of my favorite teams are currently in first place! After beginning the season 2-10, the Red Sox have fought their way to their rightful place at the top of the American League East. The Grumpy Old Men (aka Evil Empire) appear to be getting tired already (avg age is almost 30). The Rangers began the season 9-0, but have faltered in May. Their bullpen is struggling a lot (Neftali Feliz is not closing very well, these days), and their starters are not hitting on all cylinders. But they are managing to hang on to first, a game ahead of the Halos. Today, the Red Sox play the Other Sox, and the Rangers play the Desperate Housewives, who are currently playing with Eva Longoria. The Cleveland Indians sit atop the AL Central with a hefty 6 game lead over the Detroit Kitties.

In the NL, which I really don’t care about, the Phillies occupy the top of the East division, and also possess the current best record in MLB. They are a force to be reckoned with this season, what with that formidable pitching staff. St. Louis leads the Central (the Astros have the bottom spot, but are not the worst team in MLB…that privilege belongs to the Twinkies), and Arizona currently leads the West, but only by half a game over Bryan Wilson’s beard.

So there’s your quick recap of the state of baseball. A funny story of some note: Apparently Avril Lavigne went off on fans of the Desperate Housewives in the Juice Box last night at a “family friendly” concert, lacing her rant with profanity. It seems the fans booed her when her mic didn’t work properly. So much for “family friendly,” eh? The Housewives management issued an apology to fans. I have this humorous image of mothers covering up junior’s ears, with horrified expressions on their faces. Of course, I’m sure that they’ve already heard just as bad from the drunk fans a couple rows behind them, right? But, c’mon, Avril! Can’t you do any better than that? Don’t take out your “washed-up-ness” on the poor baseball fans. Why not just disappear quietly into the sunset, so we can all forget your name again, instead of trying so desperately to remain relevant?


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