American Idol: One of Three Voted Off

Well, this is the night the the top two will be decided. I’m fully prepared to be disappointed. But we shall see. I have been surprised before.

Let’s go ahead and get to it. Oh…And again there will be baseball interjected. Sorry. Get over it. Currently, the Red Sox are ahead of the tigers 2-1, and the Rangers lead the Royals 1-0.

Supposedly Half Dollar is supposed to “sing” tonight. I can’t wait. That was sarcasm, in case you didn’t get it. As I said last night, I gained a new respect for Iovine, because his picks were the best of the night. He knows the voices and knows what songs fit those voices.

What is Jennifer wearing?? Those shorts don’t fit her right. Her behind is too big for shorts. Steven, as always, looks very cool. Oh, good grief. Fans are holding up signs that say “In it 2 win it.” Please, people! Don’t encourage Randy. No, Ryan! The “news of the season” is delivered NEXT WEEK!!! Gah!! Over 95 million votes. The largest non-finale vote ever. And I’ve never heard of two of the people that are appearing tonight.

Oh, look!!! It’s J.J. Abrams! Cool! Oh, he’s talking about “Super 8.” He’s sending super 8 cameras with the three when they go home to their home towns. Cute. Oh, excuse me. Four of them. James was in there.

First we get to see Haley’s trip back to Chicago. Or Wheeling, actually. All those people standing out in the rain to see Haley. Haha. Someone has a sign that says “Goldilocks Rocks!”

Okay. Some Italian group is going to sing. Why?? Really! Why?? I’m fast forwarding.

Now for the home town visit with Scotty. Hmm…It seems to be largely made up of girls. I’m not surprised. He gets to play some baseball. That’s cool. Oh, man. Scotty’s bawling. Aw…. Wow. That’s a lot of people. And they surprise him with Josh Turner. I guess that’s the guy who sings the song that Scotty auditioned with.

Nicole who? Sherzere? Whatever. I’m probably going to fast forward. Yep. Oh, and Half Dollar was on the stage with her.

Okay we’re back.

Now we have to have Lauren’s home town visit. Lot of people there, too. Ooh. She’s going to see where the tornadoes hit. Wow. This is very emotional. Curse you, Idol! So Lauren gets a sad visit!! That’s not fair. And then she got to play some baseball, too.

Okay, here we go. Dim the lights. Oh, boo. Ryan! Bad Ryan!! “After the break.”

Okay…the break is over. Season 10 finale will be Scotty…..and….who is it? Yep. I was right. Lauren.

Haley, you got robbed by the stupidity of America. The people who watch American Idol no longer care about talent. They only care about who’s cute. That’s why you lost tonight. you and James were the best singers on this show, and you both lost to younger, more immature kids. Personally, I think it’s a travesty.

I no longer care who wins, so I probably won’t blog next week.

TTFN y’all.


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