American Idol: Three Finalists Compete

This is going to be a challenge tonight. First, we have the usual Wednesday night American Idol madness. Plus the Red Sox are playing the Tigers, and the Rangers are playing the Royals. Three different things I have to try to keep up with. As I begin this writing, the Sox and Tigers are locked in a 0-0 tie in the seventh inning. The Rangers trail the Royals 2-1 in fourth.

Tonight the final three are singing. And we get to see their trips home. I’m predicting tonight that Haley will go home this week, and I’ll be forced to endure an all country finale. I’m also predicting Lauren to win it. I wonder how many times Randy will say “inittowinit” tonight. I’m betting at least five.

I’ve been accused by a friend of letting my dislike for country affect my feelings about Scotty. That’s not true. I like some country music. I’ll be honest, I don’t really care for the brand Scotty sings. However, what I don’t like about Scotty is that he’s a “one trick pony.” He can only do one thing. Even Lauren is more versatile than Scotty.

Oh. My. Gosh. Did Ryan just tell me he’s subjecting me to TWO HOURS tonight???? I’m really not sure I’m up for this.

Clay Buchholz is in trouble. He’s got the bases loaded, two outs, and a 3-2 count. He got a lucky call from the ump, who said the batter went around on a checked swing. The tigers manager is cussing out the umpire…Heh.

Okay. Ryan says they’ve called in a “music maven” to mentor the contestants. Beyonce??? Really?? A “maven??” What is a maven, you ask? According to Wikipedia, it’s “a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.” So Beyonce is an expert, huh? Okay. They’re trying to kill me.

It’s still raining in Boston, by the way.

Aha. And we get a music video from Beyonce, too. Yahoo.

By the way, I’m still bitter about James getting voted off last week.

Scotty is starting out with, surprise, a country song. “Amazed” by Lone Star. Hmmm…it sounds just like EVERYTHING ELSE HE’S EVER DONE ON THIS SHOW! It wasn’t what I would call a “solid” performance, because there were several pitchy spots where he went flat. But the judges won’t hear that. Steven says he gets better and better. The judges are just blathering at this point. Jennifer says he used vibrato. ??? I never heard any vibrato. Randy says “Yo.” Hey! Randy mentioned the pitchy spots. I’m “amazed.” Heh. Yeah. Pun intended.

Rangers tied the game 2-2. And it’s pouring rain in Boston, yet they come out for another inning. Still 0-0. Uhoh…I take that back. They’re rolling out the tarp. Top of the 8th, rain delay, 0-0 tie.

Lauren is going to sing, surprise, a country song. “Wild One?” Is that what Beyonce just mumbled? Yeah. By Faith Hill. Okay. In rehearsal, Lauren already sounded better than Scotty. Haha. Lauren is dressed like a sixties British pop star. Well, her performance doesn’t sound as good as the rehearsal. She sounds like she’s out of breath. And the bridge is terribly pitchy. Not good. But she’s finished strong. Good finish. Weak start and middle, but good finish. Jennifer is reading notes. When did she make these notes? She wasn’t writing while they were singing. And she didn’t say anything at all. What’s up with that? Like I said. Blathering. Randy says “Yo, listen.” He liked Beyonce’s advice about psyching herself up before the performance. Thought it was a nice song choice. Steven will say he loves Lauren. He always says that. Whoa. He didn’t say that. He did say that the bridge part that was out of tune was great. ??? Geez.

Ogando got the Royals out in the bottom of the fourth. Still tied 2-2.

Haley is going to sing Led Zeppelin??? Whoa, dude!! “What Is and What Should Never Be.” Wow. I think that’s pretty risky! What did Beyonce say that they bleeped? Funny. The things Beyonce is saying about Haley’s voice prove that Haley shoud still be here. Nice start on the song. Starting out soft and sultry. Then it starts rocking. Is that her Dad playing guitar?? How cool is that. She was little pitchy on the top of that “ooohh…” Oh no!!! She fell down!! Gah!! But she made a great recovery. Again, the “ooh” was pitchy. But there rest of the song was spot on! And her Dad is shredding! Man! I’d say it was a pretty solid performance. Except for the falling down part. Standing O from the judges. Randy says, “Yo, man. Listen. Yo.” “This is what it’s all about!” Says she slayed it. She’s fearless! One of her best performances EVER! And there’s one “inittowinit.” Counting. Steven asks Haley if she fell for him. Says it was supurb. Jennifer says she sang it really, really great.

In my book, Haley wins round one. But she’s my favorite, so it’s hard to be objective. Randy says round one is hands down Haley. All three said Haley. So it’s not just me.

Iovine is going to pick the songs for the next round. This should be interesting.

Rangers and Royals still tied at 2, bottom of the fifth. And the tarp is off in Boston.

Let me clear something up right now. Christi and I just had this discussion. I do NOT hate Scotty McCreery, okay? I like the guy. He’s a sweet kid, a very nice person, he loves Jesus. That makes him cool. I just don’t think he’s good enough to win this thing. I don’t think he should have gotten this far on the one thing he can do. So there.

Okay, Iovine picks “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?” by Thompson Square. I’ve never heard of either one. Scotty says he loves it, so it must be country. He’s playing his Gibson Dove guitar. He gets off to a good start. It is a perfect song for Scotty. Fits right into his motif. He’s actually doing much better on this one than on “Amazed,” in my opinion. Cute song. (Game on in Boston) Steven says it was beautiful. Jennifer is reading notes again. I don’t get this. I think that’s why her comments don’t seem relevant. He asks him to shave his head for the finale. ?? Randy said Jimmy picked a good song for him. Perfect and right in his range. And there goes the second and third “inittowinit.” I may have guessed low.

What did Iovine pick for Lauren? “If I Die Young,” by The Band Perry. I’ve heard of them. Okay, I’ve gained a bit of respect for this Iovine guy tonight. He knows the kids’ voices, and knows what will make them sound good. If he had been picking the songs the whole time, this would be a totally different show tonight. Lauren’s nailing this song. Her dress looks horrible, though. Same old trouble. They need to quit letting Lauren dress herself. Looks like she’s wearing a cupcake thingy. You know what I’m talking about. There was one pitchy note toward the end, but otherwise, it was a very solid performance. This round’s going to be closer. Jennifer is looking at her pre-written notes again. ?? She says that Lauren has the most beautiful tone of all the contestants. I disagree, but that’s okay. Randy says “Yo.” He thinks it was a beautiful song for her. “Inittowinit” number four. Steven says his usual stuff.

Haley’s up next, but first the Beyonce video premier. Oh, wait. First we have to see Haley’s first audition. (Red Sox just scored the first run of the game on a Salty wall-ball double!)

Okay! Iovine picks “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac! Yes!! That should be perfect for her voice! Let’s see how it goes. She starts it out slowly. That’s different. She almost sounds exactly like Stevie. You know what, though? It’s not really a “wow” song for her. (Christi thinks she has a cold or something.) It’s not coming off as good as I thought it would. Randy says “Yo. Dude, listen, man.” He thinks she did a good job, and her pitch was perfect. Steven says she sang it beautifully. Jennifer says it was a beautiful moment. Says it was a nice contrast to the other song.

Steven thinks Lauren took round two. Jennifer says Scotty. Randy says Scotty. Fair enough.

Okay, NOW we get the new Beyonce video. Gah. This is hideous. I’m fast forwarding.

Top of the ninth in Boston. 1-0 Sox. The Papelbon is in. And he gets the win!!! Red Sox win 1-0!!!! YAHOO!!!!

The judges’ song selection for Scotty is “She Believes In Me,” by Kenny Rogers. Hmmm…really? I guess so. Seems to fit him. The chorus was very pitchy, though. Very pitchy. Oh, dear. The chorus is actually pretty bad. Iovine won the song selection contest tonight. Steven says he sang the chorus in a big way. I guess Steven can’t hear pitch any more. Jennifer says “good job, baby.” Randy didn’t hear the pitches either. Says he hit the chorus. Insane.

Next up is Lauren’s judges’ pick. The song is “I Hope You Dance,” by Lee Ann Womack. I know this song. Good song for Lauren. And she’s dressed nicely, too. Haha. The flowing blue dress looks beautiful on her. And she had a little “Haley” moment with that growl in her voice. But it’s not a big song. It’s pretty, but it’s kind of like Rhiannon was for Haley. Not a “wow” moment. Jennifer got goosebumps. Says it was beautiful. Randy says “Yo.” Says she slayed it. “Inittowinit” numbers five and six. Steven said she walked out like she won the Grand Ole Opry. Steven is “so happy.” It was good, definitely better than Scotty’s song.

Haley will finish it up. What will the judges pick for her? (Honestly? Iovine’s picks were the best of the night.) “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette. Interesting. Ahahaha….they changed the words…”Will she go out with you to the theater?” Hahaha…I’m not going to type what that line really says. If you know the song, you already know. Bad choice, though, judges, because the song is too low for Haley. But she’s nailing the chorus, alright! (Rangers scored in the top of the ninth!! 3-2!!) It went too low in the verses, but the chorus was smashingly amazing! Randy says “Yo. Listen, man.” He says the choruses were amazing. And there’s “inittowinit” number SEVEN! Steven says it was amazing, he didn’t know what to say. Nailed the choruses. Jennifer parroted what the guys said.

Okay, that’s it. In my opinion, the finale should be all girl. Haley and Lauren took the night. Maybe not by much. And if I’m being honest, Lauren won the night by a bit. But Haley is still my favorite of the ones that are left. And I’m pretty sure she will not make the finale. That’s a shame.

But to paraphrase the manager of the American League champions of 2010, “That’s the way America go.”

TTFN, y’all.


One thought on “American Idol: Three Finalists Compete

  1. Jeff, my friend, I think we watched different shows last night. LOL!! If all things are equal, it will be Scotty and Haley next week and Lauren will go home tonight.

    When I was casting votes last night on the phone, I kept getting busy signals for Scotty but I got through every time with ease for Haley. That is a good sign for him but not so good for her. At least, that’s what I think it means.

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