American Idol: One of Four Voted Off

Let me start off by saying that Christ’s travel nightmare seems to be over. She finally arrived in San Diego at around 11:30 Pacific Time. Her and Rachel have managed to have a nice evening together. Tomorrow, Rachel will stand with her poster that they are presenting at IMFAR, which stands for International Meeting For Autism Research.

Okay. So here we go. It’s elimination night on American Idol. Someone has to leave tonight. This will only happen two more times after tonight. My money is on Haley going home. That is not who I want to go home, but I’m guessing that is the way it will turn out. Next week is the “hometown hero” week, so the three who are left after tonight will all get trips to their home town. That’s a fun episode.

Wow. In order to take up a full hour, we have to listen to Jordin Sparks, Enrique Eglesias, Lady Gaga (will she do her plagiaristic song, “Born This Way?”) and see a new video from Steven Tyler.

First we get a recap of last night’s competition. Then we get a song by Scotty and James. Haha…James is doing country. And he can even sing country great. He’s at least as good as Scotty on country. Okay…so here’s my beef. If James can do country as good as Scotty, doesn’t it truly say something that Scotty CAN’T SING ANYTHING BUT COUNTRY?? It’s true what my friend said. This isn’t “Pop Idol” or “Rock Idol” or even “Country Idol.” It’s AMERICAN IDOL. But for me (please understand this is just my opinion…I’m just stating it strongly) the real American Idol should show some versatility, and Scotty has consistently failed to do that. James Durbin, tonight, has done exactly that! He has shown that he can even nail country! Oho! Is that Zakk Wylde’s guitar that James is playing??? Hehehe…cool.

Now Haley and Lauren are doing a country song. Hey, what is this? They sing very well together. I might add that Scotty and James sang very well together, too. I suddenly had this very strong feeling that Lauren could win this thing. I’m not sure why…it just came over me. Anyway, this song is great. The two of them are nailing it. Ooh. There was that “country slide” at the end. I really, really don’t like that.

Now we get a “Windows 7” commercial disguised as a chance for the contestants to chat with their families. Hehe…Lauren said “dawgs.” Then she said “sawng.” What a pronounced drawl!! Hahaha…Awww….James’s son is singing his ABC song! How adorable!!

Okay…the first person in the top three is Lauren. No surprise there. And the horrible uncomfortable stools are gold this week.

I hope Lady Gaga found her pants. Nope she didn’t. And while she was at it…she lost her shirt, too. So does she really do concerts in her underwear? That’s truly amazing. And she wasn’t really there. It was a clip of her doing a concert.

And now for Enrique Eglesias. Don’t know much about him, but judging from the intro to the song, he’s just like Ricky Martin. I’m skipping this part…the great thing about having a DVR is that you can start a show 30 minutes later and skip the parts you don’t want to watch.

Oh…time for the Ford commercial, done to “Ten Million Fireflies.” It was cute.

Before we can get any more results, we have to listen to Jordin Sparks. Ugh. I’m skipping this, too.

Gah! Now we have to watch Steven Tyler’s video. I’m going to skip this, too, because I really want to get to the results. I’ll come back to it later.

Okay…back to the results. The next one in the top three is Haley! I’m surprised. And now I’m scared. Very scared.

Back from the commercials and it’s time for the last result. James and Scotty. Lights are dim. I don’t believe this. One of the best singers that’s ever been on this stage is going home? This is not only ridiculous, it’s unacceptable.

I’m done for tonight.


2 thoughts on “American Idol: One of Four Voted Off

  1. Well, James is not my favorite but I figured he would win for sure. They are all talented. Now that these three are left? I think Lauren may win it. Wouldn’t she be surprised? But, if Scotty wins (and he’s MY favorite) I think it will be because he’s got all the girls thinking he’s cute. I’m way over Haley. I think she’s let everything already go to her head and could use a dose of reality. She will be surprised.
    I love your commentary. Very fair…even if you don’t like country music. Hahaha!

  2. I was stunned. I was so sure it would be a Scotty-James finals. Since I’m a country fan (as you know from visiting my blog), I would most likely have voted for Scotty in that match up, but I would have been happy no matter who won.

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